11,000 Questioned For Immigration Fraud In Canada

Canadian Immigration has started taking back citizenships of some 3,100 people during the early phase of a probe, where 11,000 people are being investigated for suspicion they have misrepresented themselves to gain Canadian citizenship.

According to Jason Kenney, Canadian Immigration Minister, the law is coming after these people to uphold the value of citizenship in this country.

Canadian immigration authorities are now cooperating with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), he adds, to look into almost 11,000 individuals coming from over 100 nations for trying to trick their way around the system.

As of now, almost 5,000 people are being reviewed for Canadian citizenship have been flagged, either because they are known for or showing signs of cheating the immigration process.

According to Kenney, immigration fraud usually begins with immigration consultants teaching Canadian citizen hopefuls how to cheat the system. He says, some of these consultants may be paid as much as $25,000 to manipulate the process and make it appear like people have spent three to four years in Canada to qualify as permanent residents, or that they have stayed in the country for two within the last five years so as not to lose their status.

Kenney says Canadian citizenship is neither a good nor a service that can be bought, and that they are doing everything to revoke the citizenship and permanent residence status of those who don’t respect the rules by lying or cheating to acquire Canadian citizenship.

Since Canadian immigration authorities started running after cheaters of the system, Kenney says 600 people have been either stripped of their permanent resident status or refused entry to Canada, while 500 more have been rejected in their citizenship applications.

Around 1,800 people stopped pursuing their application after knowing they were being investigated for fraud, and Kenney takes this to be a clear indication of how serious the problem is.

Kenny says the government will not tolerate lying and cheating en route to Canadian citizenship, and encourages the public to report any information they may have regarding Canadian citizenship fraud. He adds the crackdown on these cheats will continue without any time limits.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s citizenship fraud hot line is 1-888-242-2100, and their email: citizenship-fraud-tips@cic.gc.ca.

Alternatively, the CBSA ‘s Border Watch Tip Line may be reached at 1-888-502- 9060.

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