A Look at the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

Immigration is one of the most booming sectors in Canada, and the number of individuals applying for Canada immigration every year is so big that some applications take a long time to process. To make the processing faster, different immigration programs have been set in place.

One of the most promising of these is the Provincial Nominee Program or PNP, a program set by every province in Canada that enables a particular province to select its immigrants through nomination. This is beneficial to both the province and the applicant — while the province is able to choose the immigrant that is capable of meeting the needs of that specific province, the chosen individual is able to enjoy faster processing time.

Every province has established criteria for selecting a nominee. Once it’s able to select one, the province works with the Federal government, which is the one that takes care of the other aspects of application and the issuance of Canadian permanent residency visa to the immigrant.

Saskatchewan is one of the provinces in Canada with a booming PNP in place. In fact, its population has now grown to a million, and this is composed of a combination of Canadians and new immigrants. If you plan to apply for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), there are different categories for you to choose from. Some of them are as follow:

1. Family Member Sponsorship. Immigrants living in Saskatchewan for more than a year already are allowed to help relatives (except spouses or common law partners) to come live in the province and work. If you are the one applying and being helped by a relative, you must be skilled and educated, must pass the criteria set by the province, and must have adequate funds to qualify.

2. Skilled Worker. This is probably the most common category used by those applying for immigration. This can be availed both by foreign workers and those in Saskatchewan working under a Temporary Work Permit if they are offered a permanent and full-time employment in a skilled position.

3. Hospitality Sector Pilot Project. This is a rather new program that allows approved employers in hospitality fields to nominate any foreign employee working in the field.

Added to these, you can also apply in the Saskatchewan PNP through its semi-skilled worker, international student, farmer, professional, and business immigration categories. All these are available under the SINP, and this specific program offers a wide range of benefits to aspiring applicants.

First, this program widens the door to all aspiring immigrants, and those who do not qualify for immigration under the federal program may have a second chance with the provincial program. Second, the processing of the application becomes clearer and faster. All you need to do would be to work on getting a certificate of nomination from the province (the process could take half a year) and then submit it to the visa office in Canada for permanent residency processing. If you’re working in Saskatchewan with a temporary work permit and you are given a nomination, you can get an extension in your temporary work permit while your PR application is being processed.

And once you have been approved and have arrived in the province, you won’t have any problem finding all the help that you need to settle in. There are centers (so-called Newcomer Gateways) that offer information and help. Some of the forms of assistance that you can get from these centers are: information on how you can connect to your specific community, help in finding local groups, and assistance in enrolling in language courses. All information are available in different languages, so coverage is extensive. If you’re encountering specific problems while settling in, there are also specialists focused on helping newcomers deal with various problems. You can even ask assistance when it comes to your job. The province is careful to assure that immigrant employees will be protected and fairly treated and will receive the right salary. If you have concerns at work, there are also centers designed to address such.

With all these features, it’s no wonder the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is one of the most successful today and one that attracts many immigrants. It’s one program that you might want to try if you have any dream of living in Canada.

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