Alberta Skills-Specific Pilot Program For TFW Cancelled

The Alberta Pilot Program had been under scrutiny after appeals were received for its discontinuation.

This program is a part of Canada’s temporary foreign worker program, and it was designed to allow employers to hire foreign workers freely without the need for Labor Market Impact Assessment.

This was initially offered for high-demand positions, designed to streamline the process and promote efficiency in approving workers.

However, the Alberta Federation of Labor previously announced publicly that it was not in support of the said program because it causes safety issues and communication problems in the workplace.

They expressed the need for reevaluation of the program after finding out that it was being abused and that employers were hiring unqualified workers.

This prompted an investigation of the program to determine whether it’s valid to put a stop to it. After the investigation, it was determined that the program will be discontinued.

There is no news yet if it will be re-opened or replaced with a similar one in the future.

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