Alberta Wants More Slots For Provincial Nomination Program

Alberta’s Minister of Jobs, Ric McIver, sent a letter to Chris Alexander, the federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, to request for a lifting of the cap in the number of nomination slots given to the province.

According to McIver, the province is looking at a shortage of about 96,000 workers in 2023 – many of these for skilled and semi-skilled positions.

It is because of this that the province wants to bring in as many people as possible in as early time as possible.

The current Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program only has an allocation of 5,500 certificates that can be issued to nominees every year.

According to McIver, the quota has already been reached for 2014, but the number of immigrants brought to the province through the program weren’t enough. This is the reason the province wants to appeal and request for a lift on the quota for the program.

The planned implementation of the Express Entry system in 2015 comes with plans to increase immigrant allocation to the different provinces, but it is not yet clear how many slots will be given to Alberta and whether the number will be enough to address the projected worker shortage in the province. The federal government is yet to respond to the letter.

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