Alberta Province Opens New Windows For Immigrants

The various provinces in Canada have specific immigration programs in place, and Alberta has the AINP – the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. Under this program, there are four different streams through which individuals can apply for immigration, and each stream is composed of several categories.

Earlier last month, on September 13, Alberta announced that it would make some changes in the AINP, changes designed to make the program more accessible to those who desire to live in Canada.

Below is a list of the two streams with new changes, including the different categories under them:

Employer Driven Stream

Categories: Skilled Worker Category, International Graduate Category, and Semi-Skilled Worker Category

Changes made:

Change 1: Additional allocation of nominees under the Food Services Industry Pilot Project

Background: Previously, employers were limited to nominating only 1 employee for Canadian Permanent Residency per restaurant branch. Starting September 13 until November 28, 2013, employers are allowed to nominate up to 20% of their total employees per restaurant location (including food and beverage servers, food counter attendants, or kitchen helpers, even those with temporary worker status, as long as they have a work permit).

alberta provincial nominee program

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Change 2: Addition of some semi skilled workers to the list of qualified applicants

Background: The Employer Driven Stream normally accommodates skilled workers only. However, Alberta is now accommodating certain semi-skilled workers as long as they have a job offer. These workers include plasterers, drywallers, upholsterers, and managers/supervisors in the service, retail and food service industries.

Strategic Recruitment Stream

Categories: Alberta Work Experience Category, Compulsory and Optional Trades Category, Engineering Occupations Category, and Post-Graduate Worker Category

Changes made:

Change 1: Addition of a new category, the last one in the list above (Post-Graduate Worker Category)

Background: This category allows working individuals to apply for immigration without needing the support of an employer. The only requirements are: (1) applicant should be a graduate of a Canadian educational institution, (2) applicant should have a certificate, diploma, or graduate-level degree from either a community college, trade/technical school, university in Alberta or another Canadian province, or an authorized private institution in Alberta.

Change 2: New eligible occupations added under the Alberta Work Experience Category

Background: A list of low-skill occupations have been temporarily added to this category, including Construction Trades Helpers and Laborers, Other Trades Helpers and Labourers, Light Duty Cleaners, Specialized Cleaners, Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents. Application of individuals in these fields are only limited and up to November 28, 2013 only.

Below are the two other streams. No changes have been made in these streams.
Family Stream
Self-Employed Farmer Stream

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  1. Am just a post graduate student that possess skill needs on the job training in the prestigious evergreen dynamic country.long live to canada.

  2. Hi there
    I am fom pakistan i been in canada 2000 to 2004 and did job in different parts of canada. And know want to come back but i have no idea who it possibal…………………………….. ruining on bland way………waheed

  3. I am waiting canadian employer to get me as direct hire. I know care giving job but not registered .i know house cleaning.or hotel room attendant job and factory job.I want my become employer agree to i get advance 1 mnth salary so that i leave my family before i going flight.

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