Canada Announces Business Express Program With Two New Countries

The Business Express Program (BEP) has been launched in Canada for quite a while now, and the Canadian government has already established this program with countries like China, India, and Mexico.

Just recently, it announced that it is launching the program with two new countries, Bulgaria and Romania.

The BEP is designed to make travel to Canada easier and faster. It particularly caters to employees of foreign companies who frequently travel to Canada for business reasons.

Now that the program is launched in Bulgaria and Romania, the Canadian government will be inviting potential employers of the said countries to join the program.

If they do so, the employees that they send to Canada for business can enjoy an easier visa processing time, with processing that takes only around 3 days, and with an almost 100% approval rate.

The news was announced not long after Canada’s Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union came to an end.

According to Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Chris Alexander, this move is proof of the strong ties between Canada and the countries belonging to the European Union.

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