Canada Immigration and Refugee Protection Act Amendment: Good News or Bad News?

The Nature of the Amendment:
The amendment to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act puts in place a more stringent screening process for foreign workers.

The Goal of the Amendment:
The said amendment is aimed at protecting foreign workers from possible abuse by recruiters or agencies. Abuse is something that is very common among foreign workers who go to Canada with the promise of a good employer, only to end up deceived.

How the New Rule Works:
The amendment to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act provides additional power to immigrations officers. Under this new rule, the officers can now refuse to provide workers with a work permit if they think the said workers are prone to abuse or exploitation when they reach Canada. This is put in place in the hope of preventing exploitation even before it happens.

The Pros:
If carried out successfully, and at the right manner, the said amendment can prevent possible abuses and exploitations and spare workers from heartaches and frustrations when they finally reach Canada and find out that they have been deceived.

The Cons:
It doesn’t sound right for immigration officers to refuse giving workers a work permit at their own discretion, just because they believe or think that the workers will be prone to abuse. While this may have been implemented for the right purpose, the result may not be all that good. The workers, who the new amendment aims to protect, will be the ones who will suffer here in the first place.

What’s Missing Here:
First and foremost, the people that this law should run after are the agencies or recruiters who are committing fraud in bringing workers to Canada without a sure employer. So, the law should instead focus on how to catch these entities instead of focusing on the workers.

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