Canada Immigration Q&A – Complex Spouse Sponsorship Inside Canada

Q: I was married to a man named Rolando in the Philippines about ten years ago. He visited Canada in 2000 and met a woman. He then filed for a Canadian divorce and divorced me. He became a permanent resident in 2004. I entered Canada as a visitor last year and we reconciled for a few months. We now have a baby and Rolando is getting a divorce from his Canadian wife. Can Rolando now sponsor me to Canada even though we were married before?

A: Yes, he can sponsor you but I would be very careful on how this case is presented. I would make sure you have the proper supporting documents because it is likely that the immigration officer will think that this whole scheme was simply a set up to have Rolando come through the back door to become an immigrant and then turn around to get you into Canada.

Atty. Henry Moyal is a certified and licensed immigration lawyer in Toronto, Ontario. The above article is general advice only and is not intended to act as legal document. Send questions to Atty. Moyal by phone at 416-733-3193 or visit his website

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2 thoughts on “Canada Immigration Q&A – Complex Spouse Sponsorship Inside Canada

  1. A question rather than a comment: An individual in Canada under the LCP requires a new work permit due to the untimely death of her original sponsor under the program. This caregiver has completed approximately a year of the required two. What would be the responsibilities of the new employer in terms of sponsorship requirements……ie. is there a continued responsibility to provide salary/benefits if employment had to be terminated for valid reasons prior to the end of the program requirement?
    Thank you…grateful if my name were not published since it’s contained in my email address.

  2. Hey i am married to canada citizen. and i am in pakistani my husband applying my sponsership case in october but no reply to canadian high commission. when my case is completed?

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