Canada Immigration Q&A – Sponsor Husband To Canada Without U.S. Status

Question: I am residing in New York, USA at present, but I have no status. I just got married to a Canadian lady, and she was planning to sponsor me. However, we are both reluctant to initiate sponsorship proceedings – the filing of application and the accomplishment of all necessary papers – for fear that it will expose the fact that I have no status and cause me to be deported. What can we do?

Answer: This is quite a common case, and you have no need to worry. You can still accomplish the necessary papers even if you have no status, unless you have any criminal record or something related to that. And, Canada will not get in touch with US authorities once you file your application, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed. Just continue on with your application.

Disclaimer: The immigration article posted above does not substitute as a legal advice on immigration to Canada issues. If you need to consult a qualified professional about your case, you can visit a qualified immigration professional in your city or country. Use due diligence in doing so.

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12 thoughts on “Canada Immigration Q&A – Sponsor Husband To Canada Without U.S. Status

  1. I arrived last July 16,2009 and the remarks written in my work permit is “issue 39 months w/p from the date of entry.” I was also affected by the rumors. I am confused now, I don’t know if I am eligible to apply for my permanent residency here or not. How should I know?

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  4. Canadian citizen made a mistake in the spousal sponsership within canada but the marriage is all legitimate , how to correct it

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