Canada Refugee Status Claim Denied? Consider Applying For Permanent Resident

A denied application for a refugee status in Canada is not yet the end of the road for your intention to become a Canadian resident.

Don’t lose time fretting at the thought of being deported. There are other proven strategies that may help you in your case. One solution is for you to apply as a permanent resident of Canada. The success rate for this option is much better than applying on the grounds of humanitarian and compassionate consideration option.

If you are in this kind of predicament, don’t lose hope. It would be better if you act as soon as the moment you are notified that your application for a refugee status was denied. Your quick action on your case the soonest possible may save you from going through the stress of deportation and much worst face the possibility of being prohibited from entering Canada all your life, if deported.

There is this case of a professional immigration lawyer in Toronto where the lawyer and his staff, were able to intervene in a case where a couple, who were unsuccessful refugee status applicants hired the law office only after the applicants received their notice of deportation. The immigration law office quickly started work on their application for permanent residents, and filed the application at a Canadian visa office.

They were still asked to leave Canada BUT were able to come back with the help of the Canadian immigration lawyer as permanent residents of Canada. They will be able to accomplish their goal of someday becoming a Canadian citizen because of this positive development.

Those couple were not the only case where denied refugee status were salvaged by experienced immigration lawyers in Canada. Like what was mentioned above, the applicant’s quick action AFTER a notice of denial was received – would lessen the time involved in processing your re-application as a permanent resident. You may still be asked to leave, but once Immigration Canada finds your application satisfactory, they may make you comeback in as short as a month only.

If you are in the same situation as described above, please send an email to stating your name, email and phone number and we will send your inquiry to a professional Canadian immigration lawyer.

Disclaimer: The immigration article posted above does not substitute as a legal advice on immigration issues. If you need to consult a qualified professional about your case, you can visit a qualified immigration professional in your city or country. Use due diligence in doing so.

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22 thoughts on “Canada Refugee Status Claim Denied? Consider Applying For Permanent Resident

  1. Hi i am in the same position but my common law spouse started to sponsor me as soon as i was refused refuge. we already got a letter back saying we should start application in quebec. did sponspring me the right move. please advise

  2. I like to how much do you charge for refugee status. And do I have to pay you
    directly or can you claim directly to the Canadian government.

  3. I came to Canada a year ago. I was staying with my sponsor and she kicked me out and cancelled my permanent residence with her. I dont know what my next step is to stay in Canada? Can I get a new person to sponsor me? Or would it be easier to claim refugee status? What are my options and can you please help!

  4. hi i am a refused refugee and i came back to my country in bangladesh.more then eight years i have been there in woife devorse me when i come back home.i get married again a devorsi and she is canadian parmanent res card holder.she is living with me more then one year in bangladesh,so how she can sponsor me and how long will be prossing time

  5. My husband was denied refugee and is being deported and must leave before Aug 6, 2012. Is there any way you could help us. I am sponsoring him but we havent received anything back from CIC yet and were told he will have to leave anyway. PLease help me we have 2 small children and another on the way.

  6. hello i was rejected of “IRB” one month ago
    and my question is what I can do,and what is the process of application of PR?

  7. My brother in law was denied refugee and is being deported and must leave before August 25, 2012. Is there any way you can help us. Please help!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am engaged , getting married in January , my Fience refugee claimant, just receive a ltr for hearing in November, what is our options, shall we continue with wedding arragement, or can we call it off, it is real I love him he loves me, what if get denied? please advise.

  9. Hi,My girlfriend and I, we are applying for refuge status. Mostly people from our country can’t get the case and they have to go home. I would just like to please you for other options before they send us home also.

  10. I was refused the refugee status a while ago and im on a study visa till 2014. How can become a permanent resident?

  11. hi,
    I was refused the refugee status 6 months ago, then i submit an appeal right after that, It’s been 5 months already, I’m still waiting for the result.But i’m afraid of i might be deported once they refused my appeal.
    I’m 20 years old, and I’m a student.Is there any way you can help me?. Please reply or contact me, thx a lot, god bless you!!!!!!

  12. My refugee claim was rejected , i applied as a political activist from Sudan and ethnic targeted Nubian trip north of Sudan . I only have 15 days from today , i need to know what my options & how much everything well cost ASAP please

  13. I want to apply for a refugee status because of my sexual orientation. I arrived on a three year student visa about two weeks ago.
    Can you assist and how much shall be the cost?

  14. Hi there.

    I am a south african citizen, i went for my refugee hearing on the 12th of december 2012, then all new stuff came in to play on the 15th of december… i dont know if that will make a differance. i am still waiting for the IRB decicion to come in. but its almost been two months.. i have been dating a gril for more than a year now and we have been living together for just over 6 months.. can i apply for an appeal if my case gets denied? and if that decision takes long to come through, and me and my girlfriend has been dating for a year, can we apply for common-law sponsorship while the refugee board makes their desicion?

  15. Hello,my name is Samantha and my refugee claim was denied 4 days ago. I need to appeal the decision but I don’t have any money fora lawyer. What is the next step I take now. Please Help.

  16. I live in toronto now and have a little problem of my case if you can emal me too deal appointment with you.
    Thank you

    Nenad Jaric

  17. I got denied it’s almost a year now. I also came here with my daughter when she was very little. I just found out that she is sick. Is there anything I can do to remain here with her. Please let me know

  18. Hi. My friend was originally given a 3 months visitors visa to visit Canada, beginning March the 28th. He applied for refugee status and was refused on April the 24th. Can he stay in Canada until the 3 months is up or does he have to leave Canada one month after being denied.

  19. Hi, I’m in the same situation, exploited by couple of Immigration lawyers. And now am very tired and need a way from this horrible situation they put me into.

    Can someone here please point me to a lawyer or consultant who can help me with this.

    Thank you,

  20. Guys! someone please help me..providing the right point of contacts. Who to approach. My refugee is Denied and my lawyer is taking the advantage of it.

    Please help me ..provide the right email address, phone no. Please Please Please!!

  21. My refugee claim refused a year ago.
    Is there any possibility not to lose hope ???
    Can you please advise me?
    What should I do now??

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