Canada Scraps Deportation Appeal Opportunities For Criminally Convicted Immigrants

The Conservative government is working for the deportation of criminally convicted immigrants faster than the current system allows. According to a new law, these people could be forced to leave the country if they commit a crime and get a jail sentence of more than 6 months.

At present, a non-Canadian citizen with a maximum prison sentence shorter than two years can file a deportation appeal. According to the government, there are around 2,700 pending cases, where each one takes an average of one year and three months to process.

Dubbed as the Faster Removal of Criminal Acts, the new legislation also puts a stopper to all avenues that convicted criminals in Canada and overseas can explore when seeking permanent residence in the country. This covers scrapping appeals based on humanitarian and compassionate reasons and imposing way stricter rules for family nominations.

The new legislation also provides public safety and immigration ministers more clout as far as deciding who can and cannot enter Canada is concerned.

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