Canada Wants More Technology Professionals

There’s no question how Canada has led the world in terms of technology and science. In fact, the country is known for producing leaders in the information technology industry for many years now.

However, to carry on, the government needs to employ measures that maintain or improve this sector, and part of its initiatives is promoting Canadian immigration of skilled professionals.

In its latest report, the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) likens the country’s need for talented and skilled workers, to the way that trees are important to forests.

The group acknowledges that the search for these people will not be easy and can even get harder in the coming years due to two factors – the ongoing demographic situation and a labor market that is currently unable to meet the demands of all industries.

IT and Engineering professionals have been in demand in Canada as skilled worker for years

ITAC also says the Canadian industry as a whole is presently at full employment, and predicts that there will be at least 106,000 job vacancies from now until 2016 .

To address the need for more workers in the next few years, the government will be accepting more qualified permanent residents and temporary workers – an ongoing project made possible through the creation of more programs to expedite the entry of professionals in occupations that are high on demand.

The Technology Sector in Canada

A recent study conducted by the Council of Canadian Academies shows that Canada’s technology industries are still as vibrant and stable as ever, especially in the fields of information and communications technology, natural resources, health and related life sciences and technologies and environmental technologies.

Aside from coming up with a list of specific science and technology fields where Canada excels, the council’s study also identifies Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta being the country’s most progressive provinces in terms of science and technology production.

Even Canadian cities are cited for their significant contributions in certain technological niches. Montreal, for one, is recognized as a world leader in video game production, having experienced a 21% growth in 2011 which led to the creation of around 8,000 new positions. It was predicted that 2012 would open, at least, 9,000 additional positions in this sector.

Employers in some Provinces are ready to apply for work permits for IT and Engineering professional jobs

Immigration paths for those in the Technology Professions

People who have occupational experience in the technology sector can take different paths when applying for Canadian immigration. These options will depend on the particular field of activity of the applicant, along with his personal profile and objectives for immigration. The following are just a few of the immigration programs that many technology professionals have applied to successfully:

Permanent Residency

The Federal Skilled Worker Class (new regulations to take effect beginning January 1, 2013)

Eligible applicants under this immigration class are those who have experience in skilled occupations which are mostly in technical fields such as information technology and engineering.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The design of the program is intended for individuals who are experienced in a particular field of study or area of training, including technology.

Temporary Work Permit Options

Temporary Work Permit

An Temporary Work Permit application is deemed valid when it comes with an LMO-based offer of employment from an individual or company based in Canada.

Quebec Facilitated Labor Market Opinion (LMO) Process

Quebec employers need not go through the standard worker recruitment process and will readily receive an LMO , which is a basic requirement for hiring workers from abroad.

People who work in a whole range of specialties, including engineering, health science and information technology are given priority under this program.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Professionals

American citizens who are experienced in a targeted field like computer programming or graphic design can obtain a Temporary Work Permit with no need for an LMO by submitting an application to this program.

Regardless of the option taken, Canadian immigrant hopefuls who possess skills that are needed in the technology sector can expect a strong marketplace in Canada where their unique skill set is high in demand.

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