Canada Work Permit For First Time Application

Q. I am in Canada for a visit. During my stay here, I’ve been offered to work as a nurse. My job offer is approved by Service Canada. Can I apply for a work permit from within Canada or at the border? In the US, I know of caregivers who are able to file for a work permit within the US.

A. The law has it that first time work permits cannot be filed inside Canada. Extensions, on the other hand, is allowed. If you come from a country that requires a Canadian visa, then you aren’t qualified to apply for a work permit at the border. You need to do this in your home country or in the US. If you don’t have a US visa, you can avail of their “one day visa” by visiting the US Consulate. Typically, they will grant this if you are going to a Canadian consulate in the US for an interview.

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14 thoughts on “Canada Work Permit For First Time Application

  1. I am a refugee claimant, I sent my work permit application via register mail,
    after almost two month waiting for a response I did call the number provided by Canada Immigration Department, after I was able to talk to an agent I was inform that I needed to send the work permit request again to another address that the agent provided. I dont understand how a document can be lost even thought it is a signature of an agent that received the mail?is it there any other way to contact a higher level of immigration officials or someone that may be able to help me on this matter?

  2. i am from India. i want to go to canada on work permit. can company sponsor me or how do i get canadian work permit form india.

  3. I am currently working on a temp work permit in Alberta. If I get fired or laid off by my employer do I have to leave immediately? What are my options?

  4. am from India. i want to go to canada on work permit. can company sponsor me or how do i get canadian work permit form india.

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