Canada Immigration Medical Inadmissibility: Ground for Refusal of Application

There are different ways to apply for permanent citizenship in Canada, and there are also different requirements needed. In the same manner, there are several reasons that may cause a person’s application to be refused. One of these is medical inadmissibility.

What is medical inadmissibility? Well, this is a situation in which a person’s application is refused because he has either (a) a dangerous and contagious disease that can pose threat to the health of other residents (like tuberculosis); (b) an illness that can pose a threat to the safety of other residents (like a mental illness); or (c) an illness that can place a lot of demand on Canada’s health or social services.

How are these determined? One requirement during the application is a complete medical examination, as well as an inquiry into the medical history of the applicant. Some of the medical-related procedures that might be conducted are: physical and mental exams, as well as laboratory tests. Anyone who fails to comply with these will be treated as if he has withdrawn his application. And if the applicant who fails to comply is in Canada, he will have a removal order.

After this is done and an illness is determined, the immigration will send a letter to the applicant and the applicant has up to 60 days to find proof that will counter the initial findings. He can ask the opinion of other doctors for this. In other instances, the applicant can appeal on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

If the reason for refusal is the third one mentioned, that of having illness that will place too much demand on Canada’s health or social services, the applicant can still be reconsidered based on his financial status. If the person can prove that he is capable of paying for his medical expenses and will not be a burden to the government, so to speak. In case you’re being sponsored by a Canadian spouse, you are also exempted from this last rule.

If you’re applying for permanent residency to Canada and you have a certain illness that may keep your application from being approved, there are a lot of resources that will help you deal with the said situation.

Disclaimer: The immigration article posted above does not substitute as a legal advice on immigration to Canada issues. If you need to consult a qualified professional about your case, you can visit a qualified immigration professional in your city or country. Use due diligence in doing so.

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5 thoughts on “Canada Immigration Medical Inadmissibility: Ground for Refusal of Application

  1. how much time it takes usually to get a visa for Canada after your medical is done on work permit from Chandigarh, India ?

  2. Hello.

    My name is Slava and I currently live in Israel.
    I want to apply for Skilled worker immigration plan.
    My only concern is the medical check of my wife.

    1. My wife was diagnosed in 2001 with Multiple Sclerosis.
    Her neurologist prescribed her to use Copaxone (daily injections).
    The disease is in mild condition – she had no attacks since 2001 and she is fully functional , capable and working.

    2. Since her condition is stable and she is treated with Copaxone , I think that she will continue this way – to be working and functional

    – Hide quoted text –
    3. I do not know how much does this drug cost in Canada , but here in Israel its full official price is 1000$ per month , which is waived here by medical insurance.

    I now that the DMP guideline is to check whether the applicant will impose excessive economical demant on the society.
    So if this drug is not covered by insurance and it will be our expence then it should not be excessive demand , right ?

    If possible please explain what exactly are they (CIC) looking for in medical check , and on which base they can refuse the application.

    What do you think about our chances ?
    Thanks you very much,

  3. hi… i was wondering how can i sponsor my baby?the immigration told me that i didnt declare my baby before so i wont be be able to sponsor him anymore.. please help..

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