Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program Changes To Benefit Caregivers

To acknowledge the contribution of caregivers to Canadian families and to the country’s economy as a whole, Canada will be making some changes in its Live In Caregiver Program.

The changes will include providing caregivers with two pathways towards permanent residency and removing the live-in requirement for caregivers.

The two pathways will be: (1) for those who are in the healthcare industry and (2) for those in the childcare industry.

Those in the health care industry can qualify for permanent residency by working in a health care facility or in a home-care setting, providing services to the elderly or people with serious medical condition.

Those in this industry can apply for permanent residency, and processing is aimed at only around six months.

Meanwhile, those in the child care industry can also gain work experience without the need for a live-in set-up.

This means that they can care for a child without needing to live in the home of the child’s family – that will already count towards required experience for permanent residency.

However, those who already applied for the Live-In Caregiver Program work permit prior to November 30 will need to complete the requirement based on a live-in setup.

According to Canada’s 2015 Levels Plan, the number of permanent residents that will be accepted through this new avenue is being pegged at 30,000.

Canada is setting an all-time record in the number of approved permanent residents via the caregiver program this 2014. It is setting the number at 17,500.

It is important to note, though, that for these two new caregiver pathways, there is a cap set – a total of 5,500 applicants combined or 2,750 applicants under each category. So, interested applicants should start working on the needed documents now.

This action is just one of the latest in Canada’s goal to give caregivers an easy path towards permanent residency. In the past, some of the actions taken by the government towards this goal were:

* Increasing the amount of time for caregivers to complete the required work experience (from 3 to 4 years)

* Making open work permits available to caregivers as soon as they apply for permanent residency

* Improving the contract that defines the responsibilities of employers to caregivers

* Helping abused caregivers to leave their employers and find a new job at once

With all these steps, Canada is looking at making the path easier for caregivers to become permanent residents.

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