Changes To Birthright Provision Will Not Get Support From Ontario

A secret report that was obtained in 2013 shows that the Federal Government of Canada has been considering the revision of its “just soli” provision, or the provision that automatically grants children born in Canada with Canadian citizenship, regardless of the origin of their parents.

If the report stands true, then this provision might soon be revised or abolished. What this means is that children of foreign parents (non-status residents & visitor visas) who are born in Canada will not get Canadian citizenship.

However, the Government of Ontario has expressed that it will not give its support to the government’s plan to abolish the provision, partly because the planned move does not justify the expense that will be required to implement the changes and partly because it believes that there should be further consideration of the possible consequences of such action.

The government’s plan has to be coordinated and synced with all the Canadian provinces, because implementation of such will require modification in the provinces’ existing system.

The Federal Immigration Department admits the need for considerable effort and expense in order to make everything work.

The stand of Ontario in not supporting the planned revision or abolition will likely affect the implementation of any change the government is setting for the future, especially because the province is the most populated in Canada.

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