Choosing A Reliable Canada Immigration Lawyer Or Consultant Is Important

If you are a Canadian permanent resident with family members who plan to follow in your footsteps to Canada, hiring a Canada immigration consultant or lawyer will be a good first step.

Registered Canadian immigration consultants or lawyers perform various functions, the most important of which include:

1) Advising on the most appropriate Canadian immigration category under which one may apply;

2) Ensuring that the applicant satisfies all mandatory requirements of the Canadian immigration application process;

3) Assisting in document-gathering and completion of forms required for Canadian immigration application;

4) Presenting an application and representing the applicant before the right Canadian immigration office;

5) Updating the client of the status of submitted application by following up with the Canadian immigration office up to the time when visas are released; and

6)Preparing the applicant and/or family members for interview.

The only thing a Canadian immigration lawyer can do which is beyond a Canadian immigration consultant’s legal capacity is file an appeal before Canada’s Federal Court in the event that an application for immigration has been refused.

It is very important to choose an immigration lawyer or consultant carefully as not all of them are registered, and may not be recognized by nor bear any direct links with Canadian immigration offices across the globe.

Unregistered lawyers and consultants are also not experienced in terms of the applications of Canada’s immigration laws, and may not even reside in Canada nor have expertise processing Canadian immigration applications.

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2 thoughts on “Choosing A Reliable Canada Immigration Lawyer Or Consultant Is Important

  1. Is spouse cases is acceptable for Canada at the time of submitting student visa application? what are the major requirement of the spouse case in canada?

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