Clearing Some Issues About Work And Permanent Residency Application In Canada

Today, there are different ways to apply and qualify for permanent residence in Canada, the same way there are different programs in Canada into which you can enroll to be able to work in the country. The process, however, is not always easy and not always fast.

Here, we discuss answers to questions posed by different readers about working in Canada and applying for permanent residency:

Q: I am an experienced nurse and I have a pending application in the Canadian Embassy for permanent residency that I have filed a few years back (under the old law). I have heard about the new law now and a friend told me that applying under this new law will give my application a better chance at being processed faster because the new law prioritizes nurses. Need some advice on this.

A: Yes, that is true. The new law prioritizes nurses and processing of application might be faster under this new law. It’s also possible for you to withdraw your previous application and file for a new one. But, remember that there will be changes and there are things that you must consider. You will be starting from scratch if you file a new application, and certain details would change in your new application – such as your age and that of your dependents. You have to consider these things before you make your decision. Good luck!

Experienced nurses immigrating to Canada have a good chance of landing and finding a job.

Q: When I came to Canada a few years back, it was through an agency and with the promise that I have an employer waiting in Canada. But, that was not the case when I arrived. There was no employer, although the agency promised to find me one. Nothing happened, though, until I left the agency and searched for an employer on my own. I found one and is now working with that employer.

Now here’s the problem. When the agency brought me to Canada, I paid just half of the contract price. Now, the agency is asking for the other half and tells me they would bring the case in court if I don’t pay. Can they do this?

A: They can, but I doubt they would. In the first place, what they did was considered a scam. It’s actually one of the common forms of fraud that some agencies practice to get more money from applicants. Even if they bring you to court, there’s little possibility that they will win considering what they did.

Application for permanent residence in Canada is continously growing. Qualified applicants must act immediately.

Q: How important is the IELTS exam when applying for permanent residence in Canada?

A: Well, there’s this so-called point grid system when it comes to immigration to Canada. In this system, there are several factors considered, and your score for each would determine your overall score and the chance of your application to be approved. One of these factors is English, the highest score in which is 16 points. The IELTS exam is in place to gauge your knowledge of the English language. Taking this exam is a good option because a high score could sometimes lead to your interview being waived. There are other options that you can consider, though. Of course, you can refuse to take the exam if you already have sufficient score to pass. You also have the option to just have a written submission instead of taking the test.

There are different processes involved in the application for work or permanent residency in Canada. But, although the entire process can get complex, there are online guides that are available to help you with your concerns.

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  1. hi,just want to know about a foreign contract worker in canada wherein the new policy of maximum 4 years to stay is a very strict to follow the rules, but are they qualified to file their permanent residency,let say they have more 1 year to work in canada..please help and give us clear ideas.thank you

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