Will Divorce Affect Federal Skilled Worker Program Application?

Question: My family has just submitted an application to Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker program. Recently, however, my husband and I got a divorce. Will this have a bearing on the outcome of our application? Will my children still be able to come with me to Canada?

Answer: Yes, this will affect your application, assuming you are the principal applicant and claimed points for your former spouse’ education or adaptability. Since you are now divorced, you need to deduct those points from your assessment score. If you remain eligible on the merit of your own qualifications, then you can proceed with your application. If not, expect a refusal.

On the other hand, If you are not the principal applicant, your application with your former spouse can continue, but you now have a choice to apply on your own.

Regarding your children, you will be able to bring them to Canada if the custody agreement so allows, and if you are able to secure a letter of no objection from your former spouse.

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One thought on “Will Divorce Affect Federal Skilled Worker Program Application?

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