Canada Express Entry Now Officially Open

Express Entry, the much-awaited new system that will now facilitate the selection of prospective immigrants to Canada, is now officially in operation. The said system is modeled after the system used by other countries such as New Zealand. It is not an immigration system per se; it is merely a selection system—the first step for people who are planning to immigrate to Canada.

What Has Changed?

For the part of Canada, this new system will be demand-driven instead of supply-driven. Meaning, Canada will choose candidates based on what skills and competencies the country needs, contrary to a selection process based on what skills were available at the moment.

For the part of the applicants, this means processing is faster. Everything is done online, the system is flexible, and applicants can continuously upgrade their profile and increase their chances of being selected even while the process is ongoing.

Things to Remember

Applicants to the Express Entry program should qualify for any of the three economic programs of Canada: the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, or Canadian Experience Class. Those who qualify in any of these programs can apply online, creating their Express Entry profile, which will be evaluated using different criteria such as the applicant’s core human capital (education, work experience, language proficiency, etc.) or the presence or absence of a job offer from an employer. Once the profile is created, it can be updated anytime. Candidates will receive points and will be ranked based on the said points.

Those who are picked will be given 60 days to prepare all the requirements and documents needed for their application. Canada is aiming to process applications within 6 months.

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