Saskatchewan To Receive 500 More Slots In Its Provincial Nomination Program

The Express Entry has good news for Saskatchewan and for other Canadian provinces–it will be increasing the allocation for the Nominee Program of various provinces in 2015. Saskatchewan’s existing 5000 slots will get a 16% increase, or a total increase of 775 slots, from its previous slots in 2014.

Saskatchewan has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. It has been experiencing a shortage in its labour market needs, and it has been looking for an increase in its allocation for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. With the additional 775 slots that will be given to the province, the problem will be alleviated.

Aside from this, the faster six-month processing time means that needs will be met immediately and vacant labor spots will be filled right away.

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3 thoughts on “Saskatchewan To Receive 500 More Slots In Its Provincial Nomination Program

  1. I am a chef here in the Philippines for more than 20 years, and I really want to apply as a chef also in Canada. Now Sir / Madam, my question is how can I have a application to use this advertisement as a SINP category. And also I have brother working in Saskatchewan, he is a welder for almost 4 years with he’s family.
    This is a big opportunity for all skilled Filipino worker to bring there love ones in a good life. Thanks Canada for this chance.

    Thank you
    Emar Nuevo

  2. Dear Sir
    I am Naveed Ahmad from Pakistan. My age is about 22 years. My qualification is B.A (2 Years) . I can read, write and speak English well. I have Ms Office, Peachtree Accounting , Auto cad civil draftsman, Computer Hardware and Safety Management diplomas. I have also 7 Months experience in fire and health safety. I can use computer and internet well. I am a highly responsible person. My typing speed is also sharp. Now I am looking for job.
    Regards; Naveed Ahmad

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