Fake Passport Will Cause Immigration Problems

Q: I entered Canada using someone else’s passport. I tried to obtain a visa using my own passport but was denied three times. i have met a man who now wants to marry me. I am using my real name for all the documents except the marriage licence. The marriage office wanted to see my passport so I showed them the one I used to come to Canada. How can I get out of this mess?

A: Yes, it is a mess. For starters, it is never a good idea to continue with the lie. It is one thing to come to Canada using a fake passport but do not keep using that person’s name. It will only get you deeper into trouble. You have not yet married (a marriage licence application is not a marriage) so that is good. You must use your real name. The problem you face will involve using the proper application for sponsorship and then convincing immigration of your entry upon arrival. It can be tricky. I suggest you obtain a professional advice.

Atty. Henry Moyal is a certified and licensed immigration lawyer in Toronto. The article above is general advice only is not intended as legal document. Send your inquiries on Canada immigration to his office phone 416-733-3193 or visit his website www.moyal.com

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  1. Hi,
    I am a IT Professional with more than 10 years of experience in Networking and Systems Administration. Problem is, I did not finished my college ( lack some units :) ) I got CISCO and MICROSOFT Certificates to back them up.
    Can i qualify as an Skilled Immigrant ?

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