Canada Offers Faster Visa Processing For Mexican Travelers

Canada is opening its door wider to foreign travelers, and it is particularly aiming to welcome more Mexican travelers in the coming years. The country’s immigration department has made some changes to programs that will allow Mexican entry and travel to the country faster and easier.

Canada started making general changes in its policies with its Multiple-Entry Visa (MEV) program. This allows visitors to come to Canada several times without having to apply for a visa each time. With an MEV, someone who is traveling to Canada as a tourist or to visit family members can come and go several times for up to 10 years, and a visit can be as long as half a year. This program has been successful so far. In fact, Canada issued almost 100,000 visas under this program during the month of April 2014 alone.

The CAN+ Program

CAN+ is another new program specifically designed for Mexicans. This program will allow Mexicans who have travelled to Canada or the US during the last 10 years to enjoy faster visa processing. The program promises 10 days as the longest processing time for visa in these cases. And while this may be too good to be true, the program had actually been tested in a six-month pilot run and the results were great! Over 95% of the applications have been approved, and the average processing time was only 7 days!

The program is being implemented to increase the number of Mexican travelers to Canada and strengthen the ties between the two nations. Mexico is a NAFTA partner of Canada. But while more than 2 million Canadian tourists go to Mexico every year, the number of Mexicans traveling to Canada yearly is very low. However, the number is increasing lately. And with the CAN+ program, Canada is expecting the number to further go higher. It is expected to offer faster visa processing for as many as 50% of all Mexican visa applicants.

priveleges for mexican travelers to canadaOther Programs for Mexicans

Aside from the CAN+ program for Mexican tourists, there are other programs for Mexican students, entrepreneurs, and tour groups. These are called ‘Express’ programs.

(a) The Mexican Student Pilot is designed for fast tracking the processing of study permits. There is an almost 100% rate of approval, especially for Mexicans studying in institutions recognized by the Canadian government.

(b) The Business Express is designed for Mexicans traveling to Canada on business. Visa can be processed in just a few days, and approval rate is very high for those who are enrolled in the program.

(c) Travel Express is designed for Mexicans who are traveling to Canada and are getting the services of a travel agency. As long as the agency is registered with the Canadian embassy, approval and fast track processing are almost a guarantee.

With these new programs available, there are now so many ways for Mexicans to enjoy hassle-free travel to Canada. As long as all requirements are ready, you can have your new visa without the long wait.

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  1. i am mexican citizen, i applied for turitst visa, it was more than 15 days now not sure if the program for the mexicans is working or just mouth talk,

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