Where Does Canada Need New Immigrants? Try Small Canadian Towns…

Canada is seeing a big difference between the population of immigrants between rural areas and urban cities.

While immigrants in large cities make up more than 25% of their population, this number drops to only about 5% in rural communities.

In fact, this disparity in number is evident in the fact that while only 33% of Canada’s total population live collectively in its three biggest cities (Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver), the total number of immigrants in these three cities make up 66% of the total immigrant population in the country.

This condition is causing a dwindle in the population of smaller and rural cities, as well as labor shortage in the said areas.

Soon, this might even affect the economies of the affected communities in Canada. Despite this, many are hoping that the situation can be reversed.

Small towns are now trying to find ways to attract immigrants by coordinating with local employers to determine what the labor market needs and promoting prospective immigrants via their respective Provincial Nominee programs.

This program gives many cities and towns a means to improve not only their economy but also their community, and many have already benefited from a stream of high-quality immigrants sourced via the program.

live, work, study in morden manitobaOne example of a town that is taking initiatives to attract immigrants is Morden, Manitoba.

Composed of a small population of 9,000 people and with a 3.1% unemployment rate, the employers in the area are having a hard time filling their workforce with the right candidates.

The town created the Community Driven Immigration Initiative to actively recruit potential immigrants.

They do this by identifying qualified individuals even before these individuals apply for permanent residency, and everyone in the community is contributing to make the plan successful – from the employers offering new jobs and housing being built for the newcomers.

It even helps that the town is among those with the lowest cost of living in the country.

The more active role being taken by small cities and towns when it comes to the recruitment of qualified immigrant candidates is expected to provide benefits not only to the said communities but also to the immigrants and to Canada in general.

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