Canada Work Permit Q&A: Initial Work Permit Must Be Filed Outside Of Canada

Question: I am a nurse by profession and currently in Canada to visit some friends. In the middle of my vacation, I got a Service Canada-approved offer from a hospital for me to work as a nurse.

I’ve heard of a lot of people who file their work permits in the US but since I don’t have a US visa, so that might not be possible for me.

I just want to know if I can apply for a work permit as a nurse while I’m in Canada or at the border.

Answer: According to the rules, all initial work permits must be filed outside Canada, although renewals can be obtained from within.

What you can do now is either apply for a work permit in your home country, or apply from the US, which is possible even if you don’t have a US visa. American consuls can actually grant grant one-day visas to nurses who are scheduled for interviews with a Canadian Consulate in the US.

Regarding applying at the border, this will not be possible if you come from a country where a visa is required for you to enter Canada.

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