Number of Foreign-born Canadians Peaks

Statistics Canada reports there are now more than 6.8 million Canadians who were born in another country, which means 20.6 % of the population or 1 in every 5 people was born a foreigner.

The figures strengthen Canada’s stature as a global leader in immigration, with its number of foreign-born residents being the highest compared to other G8 countries. A large number of these new Canadians are young professionals living in the suburbs.

Aside from foreign born residents, around 20% of Canadians are of non-Caucasian roots, especially in Toronto suburbs such as Mississauga, Brampton and Markham where more than half of the population are “people of color.”

Recently, most immigrants have been coming from the Middle East and Asia, the Philippines being currently the origin of most immigrants. Those coming from other Asian regions, Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean are also now increasing in number.

More than 90% of immigrants in Canada are living in urban centers, especially in the international communities of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Although Toronto is still the most popular destination among immigrants, the flourishing cities of Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Halifax and Edmonton have also been successful in their drive to attract more immigrants.

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