Montreal: Popular Destination For French-speaking Immigrants

A great number of French Immigrants are continuously arriving in Montreal, marking an increase of about 45% since 2005.

According to Montreal’s French Consulate, the number of French immigrants that usually register in the consulate is usually one out of two.

In 2013, there were 55,000 registered immigrants—indicating the actual number to be around 110,000.

Montreal, a city in Quebec Province, attracts immigrants due to many reasons. It has a strong economy that supports small family businesses, coupled with an active arts scene, which holds a lot of promise for those who want to start a better life in Canada.

Plus, many are after the prospect of succeeding, knowing that Quebec’s immigration system places high value on the knowledge of the French language.

The Plateau-Mont Royal area is increasingly becoming the touch point for French immigrants arriving in Montreal.

In fact, wherever you go here, you’re bound to hear people speaking in French with the accent of the old country.

Many French immigrants arrive in Montreal with open work permit (via the International Experience Class program), with a Quebec Selection Certificate (aiming to become permanent residents), or as students.

Next to Montreal when it comes to number of French immigrants are Quebec City and Toronto, both with an estimated 10,000 immigrants each (although this could be higher).

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