Canadian Government Closed The French Immigration Benefit Program

Starting October this year (2014), the French Significant Benefit Program (FSBP) will no longer be in place.

The said program was designed to help businesses in Francophone minority communities outside Quebec in hiring temporary foreign workers.

Employers assisted by this program to recruit French-speaking workers will no longer need to apply for Labor Market Impact Assessment before the recruitment process.

This means that the process will be easier and faster, and thus have a higher chance of success.

It was announced in September that the FSBP program will be closed, and no explanation was given.

However, many remain hopeful that the program will be reopened or replaced with a similar one soon because Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander was quoted prior to the announcement that they want to promote Francophone immigrant population outside Quebec.

In fact, Mr. Alexander met with several agencies and individuals working on the program for a discussion.

Given this and the sudden announcement of the program’s closure afterwards, many are hoping that there are plans in place to introduce a better program alternative later on.

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