Parents And Grandparents Sponsorship Program To Reopen In January 2015

The Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) is a category under the bigger Family Sponsorship Program.

It aims to help Canadian citizens and permanent resident reunite with foreign family members by allowing them to sponsor and bring them to Canada so that they, too, can become permanent residents.

The said program was opened at the beginning of 2014 (January) but only lasted for a very short period of time.

A cap of 5,000 was placed for the program, and this was reached in just a matter of three weeks.

For a long time now, many aspiring applicants have been waiting for news as to the next opening of the program.

According to the Government of Canada, there is now plan to open the PGP in 2015, although it did not reveal as to the exact month when this would happen.

However, if the previous schedule will be used as basis, there’s a great possibility that the program will reopen in January 2015.

And because the government did not announce any changes to the program, there is a great possibility that the same 5,000 cap will be in place – meaning, there is likely to have way higher demand than available slots.

Those who plan to apply for the program are advised to start preparing the documents as early as now so that all they have to do is submit everything once the government opens the program.

Below are some of the qualifications for the sponsor living in Canada:

⧫ Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency status

⧫ Age of 18 years or older

⧫ Meets or exceeds the required minimum income level for three consecutive years. If the sponsor is married or in a common-law relationship, then the income of the two partners can be combined. This has to be assessed by the Canadian Revenue Agency.

⧫ Commitment to repay any provincial social assistance benefit that the sponsor and family member received for a period of 20 years. This will be done by signing an ‘undertaking’.

Parents and grandparents approved under this program will be able to come to Canada as permanent residents.

Aside from this program, another similar option available is the Super Visa.

This is not a permanent residency program, but it allows parents and grandparents to come to Canada more freely and for a longer period of time.

Those who qualify under the program will be issued a multiple-entry visa that is valid for up to 10 years and will not need to be renewed for as long as two years (normal visa has to be renewed every 6 months).

With this program, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will have a bigger chance of being with their foreign family while they live and work in Canada.

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