What Express Entry Means To Canada’s Overall Immigration System

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, during the Canadian HR Conference, explained why the government is introducing the Express Entry system and what this new system will bring to the future of immigration to Canada.

According to Alexander, the move is aimed as an update to Canada’s immigration system, which is already outdated and almost mechanical in nature.

This pertains to the existing setup, which entertains whoever applies for a program because the law dictates that all qualified applicants should be processed.

This existing system does not give much power to the government in that the government is unable to really choose the candidates that will match its needs best—it is limited to whoever submitted an application.

Under the new Express Entry scheme, all the existing economic programs in Canada – the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Provincial Nominee Program – will have access to the same pool of applicants who expressed interest to move to Canada.

This means that with a larger pool of candidates, each program will be free to choose and process those that qualify best in meeting what the federal and provincial governments really need.

This move is being seen as beneficial for both the Canadian government and the candidates because it is expected to yield a better match between employers and applicants.

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