Quebec Reveals 2015 Immigration Plans and Targets

For many years now since 1991, Quebec has always had jurisdiction over its immigration system – it is not covered by the Federal Immigration policies but instead sets its own policies and targets in accordance with what the province needs.

And now that 2014 is about to close, the province has already issued announcements regarding its immigration plans for next year, 2015.

There won’t be much change to the existing immigration setup in Quebec for 2015, except for a slight decrease in its target number of issuance of Quebec selection certifications.

For 2014, its target was between 40,100 and 44,700. For next year, it announced a target of between 37,500 and 43,200. This number will be broken down into the following:

⧫ Skilled workers – between 28,000 and 31,100
⧫ Business – between 6,000 and 8,000
⧫ Economic migrants – between 800 and 1,000
⧫ Foreign refugees – between 2,200 and 2,500
⧫ Others – between 500 and 700

Other than this change in number, most of the requirements will remain the same. Priority will still be given to applicants aged younger than 35 who have strong knowledge of the French language.

According to Quebec Minister of Immigration Kathleen Weil, it plans to continue attracting newcomers who can contribute to Quebec through a modern and efficient immigration system.

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