Latest Updates On Quebec Immigration Programs

The various Canadian provinces have specific immigration programs to attract skilled and qualified workers into the province. The Quebec Immigration Program is one of the most popular, and there are several programs under this, which offer skilled workers a chance to come to Canada and become permanent residents. There have been a few changes in some of the programs, and many applicants are coming in.

Below is a summary of some of the latest updates in the individual immigration programs in the province of Quebec:

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Changes to the program, particularly pertaining to a new cap, started in April 1 of this year. As of now, around two thirds of the slots have already been filled. Of the 6500 intake cap set, there are already 4400 received applications. So, those who are interested should hurry before the cap is reached.

Applicants to this program should live and work in Quebec and must hold a diploma equivalent to a Secondary School or Vocational Studies diploma in Canada. Some other areas that will be looked into during the evaluation are: job offer (if any), language skills (English and/or French), training and work experience, and others.

Changes are being planned for the program starting next year, 2015. It will transition to the Expression of Interest model that was already started on a federal level, during which the current program will already end. Interested individuals are now encouraged to apply before the current program comes to a close. The QSW will run until March 31 next year or until the cap is reached (which shouldn’t be long given that two thirds are already filled).

Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Program

The current cap for this program is 500, and more than 300 applications have already been accepted.

To qualify for the Entrepreneur program, the applicant must have two years of experience in running his own profitable business during the past five years. He must also have a net asset of at least C$300,000.

For the self-employed worker, the requirement is a net worth of at least C$100,000 and two years of experience as a self-employed worker in the field that he intends to practice in Quebec.

Quebec Investor Program

The cap for this program did not change; it is still 1750, similar to the previous year. Additionally, there is a cap of 1200 applicants from any one country. The exceptions are investors whose proficiency in the French language is at least at the high-intermediate level; there is no cap set for them.

The tentative date for accepting applications is from September 8 to 19 this year, but this might still change. Applicants are advised to have their requirements ready. Meanwhile, those covered by the exception can already apply.

Prospective applicants must have a minimum net worth of C$1.6M and should agree to invest a minimum of C$800,000 via a third party financial institution approved by the Canadian government. They must also have two years of management experience during the last five years and must intend to live in Quebec.

Quebec Experience Class

This program has no cap, and it is open to individuals who graduated (or will soon graduate) from Quebec universities, as well as temporary workers who have held a skilled position for 12 months during the past 24 months. Applicants are required to have knowledge of the French language.

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