Here Are The Present Options For Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship To Canada

Those who are living as permanent residents or citizens in Canada have the benefit of bringing their parents to the country.

Many actually do this, some merely to invite their parents for a regular visit, others to bring their parents with them to care for grandchildren, and yet others simply to have their parents close and keep the family intact.

Depending on the purpose, there are two ways you can bring your parents to Canada.

(1) Family Sponsorship

If you want your parents to come to Canada and stay in the country permanently as an immigrant, this is the best option. The government of Canada is processing 5000 parent sponsorship applications every year, and you just need to submit the required documents in order to apply.

(2) Super Visa Program

This is a new program designed to allow parents and grandparents who cannot be sponsored under the existing programs to come and visit their children and grandchildren in the country. Those who are given this visa can enjoy a visit as long as 2 years.

This is a rather new program, and some details are not yet polished. There are still complaints about problems in the program and some parents or grandparents being denied the visa, but finalizing the details is underway.

sponsor grandparents and parents canadaThose who want to apply to the program only have to remember a few things. The requirements are almost the same as the regular visa, with some additions.

(a) Proof of relationship between the Canadian citizen and the parent or grandparent applying for visa.

(b) Letter of invitation from the sponsor living in Canada. It should be notarized and must contain specific information about the parent or grandparent: complete name, date of birth, address and contact number, relationship to the sponsor, purpose of the trip, length of stay in Canada, and the date when the parent or grandparent intends to leave Canada and go back to his home country. The letter must also include details regarding the parent’s or grandparent’s accommodation and living expenses. This should be drafted properly, so it would be better to ask the help of a licensed professional for this.

(c) Proof of private medical insurance with a minimum of $100,000 coverage and valid for 1 year. This will cost approximately $3000. In case the parent or grandparent leaves Canada a few months after arriving, the pro-rated amount can be reimbursed. And in case when the insurance is already purchased but the parent or grandparent did not enter the country, it is possible to get a refund as long as there is a letter from the Canadian Embassy to prove such.

(d) Passing the medical examination.

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