Live And Work In Canada Through The SINP Or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

The prospect of moving to Saskatchewan, Canada is becoming increasingly attractive to people from around the world, and the reasons are not hard to understand. As one of the provinces leading Canada economically, Saskatchewan enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates across the country, and offers a high quality of life for an unbelievably low cost at that.

The province is predominantly agricultural, which makes for its laid back lifestyle, and is a proud achiever in the field of agricultural biotechnology, housing one of the most advanced research centers in the world known as the Innovation Palace. The great interest people take in Canada’s sunniest province has made it a hodgepodge of cultural roots. But the solidarity amongst the people is evident in their progress and warm smiles.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or SINP

If you’re one of those who have been smitten by this Western Canadian province, moving there may be possible through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or sometimes known as Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

With a successful application, you will be qualified to acquire a Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Certificate to fast-track your plans for obtaining a Canadian Immigration Visa for permanent residence.

There are eleven categories you can qualify under when planning to move to Saskatchewan through the SINP.

Skilled Workers Program – Saskatchewan PNP

The most important requirement for moving to Saskatchewan in the skilled worker qualification is a Saskatchewan job offer for a professional, managerial, a skilled worker or in any designated trade. If you have worked already in Saskatchewan Province for at least 6 months as a holder of a temporary work permit, a person may also qualify for the SINP under this category.

Family Members Category – Saskatchewan PNP

Under this category, a primary requirement is for a Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program applicant to have at least one family member who has resided in Canada as a citizen or a Permanent Resident for at least 12 months, and is willing to provide an affidavit of support for the applicant upon arrival in Saskatchewan . This family member may be a parent, a sibling, an aunt or uncle, a niece or nephew, a grandparent, a cousin of the first degree, a step-family member or an in-law of the same relationship. Furthermore, the SINP applicant must:

* Be within the age range of 18 to 49;
* Have a certificate, degree or diploma showing completion of apprenticeship, post secondary education or training with a minimum duration of one year;
* Have worked for a minimum of one year in a field related to his educational post-secondary educational or training background;
* Have enough language capability for employability;
* Have an offer of fulltime work from a local employer, or be willing to look for work in the province; and
* Be financially capable of supporting himself in Saskatchewan.

Longhaul Truck Drivers Category – Saskatchewan PNP

Requirements under this category include:

* A work permit in Canada;
* An offer of a temporary job from a trucking company based in Saskatchewan;
* A valid truck driving license equivalent to a Saskatchewan Class 1A drivers license;
* A 2 year truck driving experience;
* Ability to enter the United States of America as required by employer; and
* Reasonable English communication skills.

Health Professional Category – Saskatchewan PNP

To qualify for the SINP within this category, an individual must either hold a temporary work permit, or have an offer for full-time Saskatchewan employment.

Students Program – Saskatchewan PNP

The following are two ways to qualify for the SINP under this category – as a PhD and Master’s Graduate, and as a holder of a Post Graduation Work Permit.

As a Phd and/or Master’s Graduate, an SINP applicant must:

* Have completed a PhD or Master’s program with a minimum duration of one year from the following institutions: University of Regina or University of Saskatchewan;
* Apply for SINP application within two years following completion of the Phd or Master’s program, from a country where the applicant has a legal status; and
* Plan to live permanently in Saskatchewan and provide proof of ability to work and settle in the province through at least either any of these:

*** Employment by a Saskatchewan-based business for at least six months under the Citizenship and Immigration Canada post graduation work permit, or a current fulltime job offer, both related to

applicant’s field of study;
*** A spouse working full-time in Saskatchewan; and
*** Financial capability, where the principal applicant is required to have at least $ 10,000 as disposable income in Saskatchewan, and additional $2,000 for each family member accompanying the applicant.

As holder of a Post-Graduation Work Permit, an SINP applicant must:

* Have at least completed 1 year of academic full-time study in a Canadian school, or hold a degree, diploma or certificate granted by a post-secondary institution recognized by the Canadian government;
* Have acquired eligible Saskatchewan work experience (co-op terms, off campus, on-campus, verifiable graduate fellowships, and employment on a work permit for post-graduates) for at least six months;
* Hold a post-graduation work permit from CIC; and also
* Have an existing fulltime offer of employment from a Saskatchewan employer.

Farmer Category – Saskatchewan PNP

A basic requirement under this category is an applicant having a minimum net worth of $500,000, plus a signed offer to buy an existing Saskatchewan farm or a piece of land to be developed into a farm. The candidate must have also visited the province within 24 months before such offer to purchase was signed, and demonstrate that he has adequate knowledge, skill and experience in farming operations.

Young Farmers Category – Saskatchewan PNP

To qualify as an SINP applicant under this category, one needs to be under 40 with a net worth of $300,000. The applicant should have also spent a minimum of three years in farm operations, and must

display significant employment skills. Another requirement is a formal proposal for farming operations in the province, to be submitted only after the applicant has made an exploratory trip to Saskatchewan prior to applying for the SINP application.

Entrepreneur Category – Saskatchewan PNP

Eligibility under this category requires the applicant to:

* Have a personal net worth of at least CAD$300,000, and invest a minimum of CAD$150,000 in an existing or new business in Saskatchewan;
* Have successfully run or owned a business for a minimum of three years;
* Have adequate financial capability to start a business or be partner in an existing business in Saskatchewan, where the applicant assumes a managerial role;
* Own a minimum of 33.3% of a new or existing business, with a minimum investment of CDN $1-million;
* Submit a Business Establishment Plan where the applicant expresses intention to open or buy an existing business in Saskatchewan;
* Fully disclose businesses assets and liabilities; and
* Pay CAD$75,000 in earnest money.

Large Scale Investors Category – Saskatchewan PNP

A large scale investor SINP application technically falls under the Entrepreneur category, but focuses on applicants who plan to invest a minimum of CAD$10 million. Apart from being treated with priority, large scale investors, once their nominations have been approved, can nominate up to ten people who play critical roles in their management teams. These ten nominees, however, will be assessed individually.

Science and Technology Program – Saskatchewan PNP

A science and technology SINP application also falls under the Entrepreneur category and enjoys priority. Qualified is an applicant who:

* Owns a patent or an inventive IT idea and plans to make it into a commercial investment in Saskatchewan;
* Is interested in working actively with local science and technology firms; and
* Meets all other criteria under the Entrepreneur category.

Hospitality Sector Project – Saskatchewan PNP

Under this category, an applicant must:

* Have a legitimate Temporary Work Permit as food and beverage server, food counter attendant or kitchen helper, or as housekeeping or cleaning staff;
* Have worked for a Saskatchewan employer in any of such positions for, at least, six months;
* Have reached Grade 12 or equivalent; and
* Be able to communicate in English effectively for employability in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan PNP stream is one of the fast ways of realizing your objective of living and working in Canada with your loved ones

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