Live In Caregiver Program: Question Of An Employer

Q: I am employer in Toronto and I require the services of a live in caregiver from the Philippines. My live in caregiver applicant in Manila have already obtained her work permit but she was surprised about the notice that she cannot leave the Philippines until she satisfies the documents coming from the POEA. The POEA is now requiring me to go and inquire from the Philippine Consulate in Toronto to sign some forms and then pay a fee. I am not aware of this procedure, is this new?

A: The Philippine Consulate in Toronto and the Philippine Overseas Labor Office or POLO have recently introduced a new policy for the live-in caregivers coming from the Philippines. In their new directive Filipino or Filipina live-in caregiver workers cannot leave Manila unless the POEA or Philippine Overseas Employment Administration verified their LCP contract. In addition, an undertaking signed by the employer must also be submitted to POLO in which they agree to be responsible for:

– health coverage until the caregiver qualifies for the Provincial health care system

– the live in caregivers cost of two way airfare

– termination shall be for a cause

– repatriation of remains of the caregiver to the Philippines shall be on the employer in case of employees death

A $38.75 fee will have to be paid at the Philippine Consulate to have the signature verified. When all of these are satisfied, the Philippine Consulate shall inform the POEA who in turn will issue the visa to the live in caregiver.

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  1. maybe you could help me verify witn your POLO POAE or labor dept if platinum care agency is licensed to operate .

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