Live-In Caregiver Question: Will The Program Be Abolished?

Question: How true is the rumor that the Live-In Caregiver Program of Canada is about to be abolished? How will that affect all the live-in caregivers who are working in the country?

Answer: It is true that there is an ongoing investigation of the program because of suspicions that it is being abused. Its authenticity is under question at the moment because it was found out that some caregivers reach Canada because they are being employed by their own relatives, thereby causing suspicion. There is no definite news that this will result in the abolishment of the program, but the Federal Minister announced that there will be changes soon (no news yet on what those changes will be).

Perhaps the best thing to do in order to address the issue is to pass a law prohibiting the hiring of a live-in caregiver who is a relative, not abolishing the program which supports so many Canadian families in need of help in their home, as well as foreign families relying on the money sent by their relative who is a live-in caregiver.

No matter what happens, there is little cause to believe that the changes in the program will result in live-in caregivers already working in Canada being sent back home.

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