Live In Caregiver Shortage Driving Up Nanny Wages And Sparks “Nanny Poaching” In Canada

There’s an ongoing shortage of live-in caregivers in Canada and it is creating concern among employers who have hired their nannies from overseas. According to a recent report from the Toronto Star, because of the prevailing shortage in the availability of caregivers, the situation not only resulted in “poaching” of already employed nannies but it also is causing the driving-up in wages of available nannies who are employable locally.

Certain factors which can be attributed to this latest scenario are the new rules that the Federal Government of Canada have set before a prospective Canadian employer can hire a caregiver from abroad, the slow processing of documents of the eligible worker from their country of residence and on the more local situation, the mass issuance of open work permits for live-in caregivers who have completed the required employment hours.

The latest legislation of Canada’s Federal Government is for employers to shoulder all the expenses to be incurred in hiring the foreign caregiver from abroad. This include the airfare, medical insurance and any expenses that may come up if hiring a third party middleperson such as employment agencies. Many employers are finding it difficult to justify shouldering all this cost because once a nanny arrive in Canada, the worker is not obligated to stay in their sponsors employ for the duration of the 2 year requirement.

This circumstance is what’s discouraging many qualified employers to sponsor live-in caregiver workers from overseas. Uncertainty in recovering incurred expenses associated with long wait times – many sponsors are losing interest in hiring overseas.

Another consequence of this seeming crisis concerns wages of locally available nannies. Many families prefer to have live in caregivers because they cannot afford those live-outs who can be asking for sometimes up to $18 per hour – and their hours are not flexible. Live-in caregivers, on the other hand, can be asked to work nights if night care is needed.

But with todays shortage, even those who are supposed to be in a live-in condition are being “poached” by being offered with higher wages – which worries many employers who did all the work in hiring their nannies abroad. The way to remedy this as suggested in the article, is for the Federal Government to add-in a condition on overseas hiring allowing the original sponsor to keep the worker in their homes for the duration of the contract.

According to statistics and reports, the latest arrival of live-in caregivers from abroad have dropped significantly since the time it peaked in 2007. One cause that may have attributed to this drop was the slow processing of documents in some source countries. Among the known caregiver source countries where the processing of papers are backlogged were India and the Philippines. Filipino live in caregivers fill the mostly women arrivals of nannies in Canada and reports from Philippine applicants tell stories of extreme delay in the processing of their documents to and from Philippine Consulates in Canada and the Labor Department in Manila.

Manila has a different set of rules for caregivers coming from the Philippines.

With all of this, it seems that this unusual shortfall in caregiver help offer no solution in the months ahead. Without the right approach to solve the needs of both the worker and the employer, problems regarding the live-in caregiver program will keep popping. Canada have no child care program, so working parents who do not want to leave their children in daycare obviously need a live-in caregiver help. And third world nanny applicants need to leave their countrys’ for better pay and better living conditions.

It could have been a win-win situation for both groups of people if only governments can find the right solution. For now, for those looking for a live-in caregiver help, the only option is to look locally – in Canada, and someone on a visitors visa with valid documents can be hired legally if done the right way.

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26 thoughts on “Live In Caregiver Shortage Driving Up Nanny Wages And Sparks “Nanny Poaching” In Canada

  1. I love to live and work in canada as a caregiver. The only problem am having now is that I live in africa presently. Please how can I apply for such position in canada? I’m ready to relocate.

  2. i wish to work in canada as a nanny but im currently living in nigeria,africa, i can pay part of my travelling fee,if consider.

  3. i wish to work in canada as nanny but i dont have any experience as nanny because i work in restaurant, im living in costa rica..

  4. hello, i need temporary work permits (unskilled) for many of my friends..i need job offers and LMO’S so if you could kinldy asssit me in this regard then i shall be greatful and it will be very kind of you to guide us , how to find such asisstance and job offers+lmo’s?

    thanking you for your consideration!


  5. am yasin seruwagi,ugandan by nationality aged 25 years of old.i lnterested to work and live in canada.

  6. I am very much interesting to live and work in canada as a caregiver or any other possition. The only problem am having now is that I live in Srilanka presently. Please how can I apply for such position in canada? I’m ready to relocate.

  7. i am 22 years and very interested to work as a live in caregiver in Canada.I have 2 years work experience and available funds for flight tickets and others.I speak fluently both English and french.I live in Cameroon.Please Do i have a chance or can anyone direct me to a reliable agency.Thanks/

  8. I am a Sri Lankan stay in Qatar.I am very much interesting to live and work in canada as a Heavy Vehicle Driver.Have more than 12 years experiences. Please how can I apply for such position in canada? I’m ready to relocate.Thanks.

  9. I am Sri Lankan. I have done the caregivers diploma from the city and guild. Currently I am working with caregiver agency and am looking for a job from Canada. Please send me a job offer for me to work as a caregiver in Canada.

  10. My cousin, Filipina origin, leave and work in South Korea as teacher wants to come to Canada as caregiver. Anybody wants to sponsor let me know so I can help shoulder the cost in processing her papers.

  11. can i apply as caregiver or nanny or even babysitter. i finish caregiver last 2008. i had many experience taking care of baby, children age 0-4 years old kids.

    i love children and i am very hardworking.

  12. Hi Im raman .i live in hong kong after 2year 6 month nanny and caregiver job .

  13. Experienced and dedicated caregiver looking for sponsorship. Will provide own airfare if considered.

  14. I am a Filipino, I want to work and live in Canada. But presently i am working in Beirut, Lebanon as a housekeeper. I am looking for a Canadian employer who is willing to sponsor me. But i am willing to contribute my airfare expenses if considered. Future employer please contact me

  15. hi I ‘m a nurse/midwife I live in london, i have been working as a caregiver with the elderly for the past 3years please I ‘m ready to relocate can you direct me to any agancy or employer I’m very hard working. thanks

  16. Hi,

    My name is Lilit. I live in Indonesia and am looking for an opportunity to care for elderly or as a nanny in Canada. For years, I have been taking care of my in-laws. My father-in-law died several years ago. I cared for my husband who died of cancer. Both my parents died. I have no one to care for so I want to care for others. I love taking care of the elderly and the children.

    Thank you.

  17. Hi, my name is Raesetja I’m 27 years old I’m from South Africa. I would like to work as a care giver anywhere in Canada I have a certificate in care giving. Thank you

  18. Hi my name is Anita. I am filipino citizen. At this moment I work in Israel to care for elderly. I’m very much interested to work in canada. I will appreciate if someone from canada who can sponsor me as a live in caregiver. I have 4 years experience with elderly I am honest, reliable and loving. My duties are administering medications, cooking nutritious food, lighthousekeeping,companionship, laundry. If interested pls email me back. Thank you

  19. Hi my name is Nita. I am filipino nationality. Presently, I am working in Israel to care for elderly. I have five years experience and took caregiver training back home.I am looking for employer whos willing to sponsor me.It takes only 6 months to process the papers. If interested my sister in law whos’s in canada will help you to process and handle all the expenses. Thanks

  20. Dear sir/mam,
    I’m willing to work anytime in Canada if i have a employer shoulder all my expenses i will relocate anytime. I’m here in United Arab Emirates I’m working also in company but i need job like care giver i been experienced taking care of my own mom she was bedridden patients for almost 2 years. I want to share my love and care to someone who people need my time. I love taking care of someone.

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