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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is an immigration program of the Canadian province of British Columbia, where highly skilled and qualified individuals from other parts of the world are welcomed into its workforce. The two main objectives of the program are to augment shortages in certain labor sectors, and boost the positive economic impact of immigration to British Columbia. 

A nomination indicates that an applicant has been found by the BC PNP to be a potentially worthy addition to the provincial population, particularly in terms of the economic benefits the individual may bring.  A nomination also means that the person may now apply with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for a Permanent Resident Visa under the Provincial Nominee Class. 

While a nomination does not guarantee a Permanent Resident  status,  the CIC does give priority to Provincial Nominees over other Canadian immigrant hopefuls. 

There are two streams where any BC PNP application may fall under, namely, Strategic Occupations and Business Categories.


The BC PNP Strategic Occupations stream consists of three categories, namely, Skilled Workers, Registered Nurses and International Students.  It is designed for individuals who are skilled, and have received and accepted an offer of full-time, permanent employment in an occupation where the province is experiencing a continuous shortage of qualified candidates.

General Selection Criteria

There are various aspects to be considered by the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) in reviewing applicants under this stream.  However, they will be generally assessed in view of: 

The nature, demand and outlook of the occupation where they are offered employment;

The wage for the offered position;

Their qualifications;

The background and nature of business of the interested employer;

Their potential economic contribution to BC, as well as their capacity to be economically established in the province.

General Requirements

General guidelines for all three categories under this BC PNP stream require that:

The applicant has accepted an offer for a full-time, permanent job in an occupation under the Skilled Workers category where:

He or she is qualified for the position;

The wage is a match to BC rates;

The employer has a good background in labor practices, has at least five employees and has been in business in BC for a minimum of one year; and

The demand for the applicantís skills is expected to continue for a considerable length of time.

The hiring of a foreign employee will be economically advantageous to BC;

Such foreign worker is not likely to have a negative influence  on the settlement of labor disputes; and

The candidate for nomination is capable of becoming economically established in the province.

The Categories

1.  Skilled Workers

Skilled workers are individuals whose BC job offers fall under occupations listed as Level O, A or B on the National Occupational Classification or NOC Matrix where:

NOC Skill Level O pertains to Managers  (CEOís, company vice-presidents, general managers, marketing managers, research directors and the like;)

NOC Skill Level A covers Professionals ( Accountants, Microbiologists, Financial Analysts, Database Analysts, Physiotherapists, College Instructors and the like;) and

NOC Skill Level B includes Technicians (Architectural Technicians, Mining Technologists, Veterinary Technicians, Licensed Practical Nurses, Technical Sales Specialists and the like.)

2. Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses applying for BC PNP are hired by regional and provincial health officials via Health Match, a free health professional recruitment service funded by the Provincial Government of British Columbia. 

Specific guidelines for a BC provincial nomination under the Registered Nurses category require the applicant to:

Obtain a letter from the Registered Nurses Association of BC (RNABC) attesting to the RNís eligibility to hold an interim permit; and 

Be currently registered or eligible to register with the College of Nurses of BC (CRNBC) or the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC (CRPNBC).

3. International Students

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program International Student Category is a way to help employers find  academically outstanding individuals for later employment, to address skill needs that are predicted to arise in eligible occupations listed under the Skilled Workers category. There is a wide variety of fields or areas of study that a BC PNP international student applicant may pursue in BC, including but not limited to medical/health sciences, engineering, information systems, business and tourism/hospitality.

Specific guidelines for a BC provincial nomination under the International Students category require the applicant to:

Complete at least two years of studies for an eligible bachelorís degree and one year for an eligible graduate degree in a recognized public or private BC post-secondary institution;

Obtain a minimum overall mark of 70 percent for those who have completed an eligible bachelorís degree; and

Submit the BC PNP application not later than one year after the date indicated on the final official transcript of records.


There are three categories under the BC PNP Business stream, including Business Skills, Projects and Regional Business, where individuals who have shown stellar performance in the field of business are accommodated.  The stream generally assesses applicants according to their ability to contribute to the profitability of immigration to BC through their enterprising skills.

1. Business Skills

The Business Skills category is meant for people who have tested enterprising skills and adequate financial resources, allowing them to set up business in British Columbia and make a significant contribution to the provinceí economic progress.

To qualify under the BC PNP Business Skills category, applicants should:

Have a net worth of at least $ 800,000;

Invest a minimum of $ 400,000;

Hold a minimum equity of ⅓ ;

Submit a sound business plan;

Open a minimum of three jobs; and

Actively participate in business operations.

2. Projects

The Projects category is appropriate for competent key managers and technical professionals who play critical roles in ensuring the success of certain business projects poised to make valuable contributions to the economic growth of BC. 

To be considered for a BC PNP nomination in this category,  the following conditions must be met:

The company has been successful in a previous business endeavor similar to the project being proposed;

A minimum investment of $ 500,000 is made on new ventures or business expansions only;

A minimum of three jobs are opened;

An eligible business in any part of BC is set up or purchased and expanded; and

Key staff is crucial to the outcome of the project being proposed.
3. Regional Business

The Regional Business category of the BC PNP is created for people outside Canada who have demonstrated exemplary business skills and have adequate finances to set up business beyond BCís Greater Vancouver area.  Applicants under this category should show that they have the capability to create or expand businesses that will be economically advantageous to the province. 

To qualify under this BC PNP category, the following conditions must be met:

Project is to be undertaken outside of the Greater Vancouver area; 

The lowest investment is $ 200,000, real estate excluded;

Applicant has minimum net worth of $ 400,000 and minimum equity of 33 ⅓%, and is actively participating in the management of the business; and

A minimum of one job is created. 
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