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Overview of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
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The Provincial Nominee Program of the Province of Manitoba (MPNP)

Manitoba is among Canada’s highly progressive provinces which are actively recruiting foreign nationals to join their labor force, augment skill shortages and meet their provincial economic objectives.

A successful MPNP application leads to a nomination for a Permanent Resident status in Canada, but it is the Federal Government, through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC, that ultimately decides whether or not such nominated individuals will be issued the sought visa.

In so deciding, the CIC reviews the details of MPNP nominations, and conducts its own screening that includes ensuring that all permanent resident status applicants are compliant with the the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and that all necessary medical and criminal background checks are performed.   


Applications to the Manitoba PNP can be filed under two main categories, namely, Skilled Workers & Business Immigrants.

Skilled Workers

The MPNP is a measure employed by the Provincial Government to promote the further economic development of Manitoba.  Under the program, skilled workers with the necessary education, training, employment experience and level of language proficiency are recruited to fill certain occupations where there is a critical shortage of qualified applicants.


>> Eligible to apply under this category of the MPNP are foreign nationals who:

>> Are of legal status in the country where they presently reside;

>> Qualify under any of the 5 Skilled Worker Assessment Streams of the MPNP;
>> Have adequate training and employment experience, as well as a license or certification that is applicable to the intended occupation;

>> Satisfy all conditions on the MPNP Occupational Requirements List;

>> Have sufficient language ability that enables the potential nominees to find employment upon arrival;

>> Have relatives or friends who can help them get settled in Manitoba;

>> Can show proof of funds for settling in the province; and

>> Demonstrate ability to integrate themselves successfully into the provincial community. 

Skilled Workers Assessment Streams

MPNP applicants under the Skilled Workers Category are mainly evaluated based on five assessment streams which test the strength of their connections to the province.  These assessment streams are further classified as Priority Assessment and General Assessment. 

1. Priority Assessment

Applicants who demonstrate the strongest capacity to settle in Manitoba fall under Priority Assessment.  There are five sub-streams under Priority Assessment, namely, Employer Direct, International Student, Family Support, Community Support and Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

a. Employer Direct

The MPNP Employer Direct is designed to assist Manitoba companies and organizations in hiring and retaining foreign skilled workers who can fill positions where no Canadian citizens or permanent residents qualify.

However, before any foreign worker may be hired, the employer will have to seek Pre-approval from the MPNP.  If successful, a Pre-Approval Letter indicating the pre-approved position and conditions that are part of the pre-approval, will be sent to such employer who then forwards a copy of the  letter to applicant.  The applicant then attaches this document to his MPNP application. 

To qualify an EMPLOYER for the Employer Direct sub-stream, such recruiting company or organization must:

>> Apply for MPNP pre-approval, where:

>>>>> It must be proven that they have tried all measures to recruit Canadian citizens and permanent residents to fill certain positions but to no avail; and

>>>>> The offered wage and employment benefits meet labor standards in Manitoba, and are enough to keep the retain the worker in the intended position; and

>> Prove that they will be providing all necessary forms of assistance for the foreign worker to get settled successfully in Manitoba, and that they have the backing of local communities that can provide support to the potential immigrant/s in areas where such settlement assistance may be highly needed.

To be considered as APPLICANT under the Employer Direct sub-stream, the foreign worker must:

>> Obtain a pre-approved offer of employment;

>> Have the required education, training and work experience, as well as licensing, certification or accreditation;

>> Be able to communicate effectively in the required language at work;

>> Demonstrate ability to establish himself or herself successfully in Manitoba; and

>> (If already working in Canada on a temporary work permit,)  must obtain an offer for full-time, permanent employment from the same Manitoba employer and express intention to settle in the province. 

b. International Student 

This Priority Assessment stream is intended for international students who plan to reside, obtain employment and build their careers in Manitoba.   

To qualify under this stream, the applicant must:

>> Have completed a post-high school program that ran for a minimum of one academic year in a Manitoba institution;

>> Hold a post-graduation work permit from the CIC;

>> Has been working in Manitoba for the last six months; and 

>> Has an offer for a full-time and permanent job from the same Manitoba employer.

The steps for applying under the International Student stream of the MPNP Skilled Workers Category are: 

1.  Application for a post-graduation work;

2. Submission of complete application to the Manitoba PNP; and

3. Completion the MPNP Application Assessment. 
Business Immigrant

The Business Immigrant category of the Manitoba PNP seeks to attract foreign nationals who have excellent business or enterprising skills, and have the financial capacity to invest in a new or currently operating business in Manitoba. 

Applicants under this MPNP category will be assessed according to the potential economic benefit they will bring to Manitoba, with priority on applicants whose business plans fall under such industries as Energy, Manufacturing, Information & Communications Technology, Food processing, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Primary Production in  farming, mining, fishing, etc.

Once nominated by the MPNP, the business person proceeds to apply for a Permanent Resident visa through the CIC. 


To be eligible to apply under the MPNP Business Immigrant category, a business person must:

>> Have a personal net worth of at least CDN $350,000;

>> Make a minimum equity of at least CDN $150,000;

>> Have held a senior management position in a successful business for a minimum of 3 years;

>> Plan to start a new business, or purchase a currently operating enterprise in Manitoba; 

>> Make a 7-day exploratory visit to Manitoba to explore business opportunities in the province; and 

>> (Upon approval of the MPNP application,) make a cash deposit of CDN$75,000 to the Provincial Government of Manitoba as a guarantee of the applicant’s intention to start or buy a business in Manitoba, with the following Deposit of Agreement conditions:

>>>>> That the required capital is used for the intended business;

>>>>> That the business person will establish the proposed business within 2 years from the time he or she arrived in Manitoba;

>>>>> That the CDN $75,000 cash deposit will be refunded to the applicant if business is verified by the end of the two-year period; and

>>>>> Any modifications to the Agreement must have the approval of the Manitoba Trade and Investment before the applicant may implement the approved business plan.