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Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OPNP)

Ontario is one of Canada’s eleven provinces that implement nominee programs with the purpose of expediting the immigration of qualified individuals who can make a positive contribution to their economic growth.  There are different criteria and guidelines used by the different provinces, but their main objective is the same - to bring in qualified individuals from other countries who can fill certain positions in labor sectors where there is a critical shortage of qualified candidates. 

In particular,  Ontario Provincial Nominee Program or OPNP is looking for individuals who have demonstrated an ability to successfully settle in Ontario as skilled workers.  Unlike most provincial nominee programs, the OPNP is employer-initiated, which means, it is the employer who facilitates the potential nominee’s application under certain conditions. 

Once an employer is pre-approved by the Ontario PNP, the potential nominee then forwards an application to the program.

When the application is successful,  a Nomination Letter for a Permanent Resident Visa will be sent by the provincial government of Ontario to the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship or CIC.  After making medical and background checks and other considerations, the CIC makes the final decision on whether or not the nominee must be granted an immigrant status.


There are two main OPNP categories individuals may apply under - Employer and Multinational Investor.


As the Ontario PNP is an employer-driven program, it is essential for applicants to understand how important their employers’ role is in their nomination. Employers are actually evaluated through the Employer Category pre-screening process, and should secure the OPNP’s approval for positions they seek to fill before they can nominate applicants. Once an employer and a position have been approved, such employer will then provide the skilled worker with an OPNP application package.

Therefore, to be eligible under the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program Skilled Worker Category, an applicant must have an offer for a full-time, permanent job from a pre-screened Ontario employer in any of 20 eligible occupations under the program.

Employer Eligibility

* To be able to nominate applicants to the OPNP, an employer should:

* Have established itself in business for a minimum of three years prior to application date;

* Have earned a minimum of CND $1,000,000 in gross revenues in the last fiscal year;

* Employ at least five full-time, permanent workers; and

* Maintain an office in Ontario. 

* Employer Category Streams and and Eligible Occupations

Since 2007 when Ontario began its Provincial Nominee Program, it has been nominating qualified individuals in 20 eligible occupations in the following streams:

1. Professional

Eligible occupations under the Professional stream are:

   HEALTH                                   NOC

General Practitioners & Family Physicians      3112
Specialist Physicians                       3111
Physiotherapists                               3142
Medical Laboratory Technologists                 3211
Audiologists & Speech Language Pathologists   3141
Registered Nurses                               3152
Medical Radiation Technologists                 3215
Pharmacists                                  3131

EDUCATION                                   NOC

High End Researchers                        2100
University Professors                        4121

2. Worker

Occupations considered eligible in this OPNP stream are:

MANUFACTURING                               NOC

Tool & Die Makers (Metal patternmakers       7232
& metal mould Makers)         
Industrial Electricians                       7242
Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics                 7312
Construction Millwrights & Industrial Mechanics   7311
Machinists & Machining & Tooling Inspectors           7231

CONSTRUCTION SECTOR                             NOC

Bricklayers                                  7281
Carpenters (farmers & farm workers)         7271
Cement Finishers                               7283
Drywall Installers & Finishers                    7285
Tile setters                                  7284

3. International Graduate

This OPNP stream is dedicated to international graduates of a recognized Ontario post- secondary institution who are qualified for any of the 20 eligible occupations under the program. 


* International students may apply under this OPNP stream if they:

* Have an offer for a full-time and permanent job from an eligible employer in an occupation classified as managerial or professional, or in a skill trade according to NOC Levels O, A or B in the NOC Matrix;

* Have finished their program entirely or halfway through in an eligible Ontario post-secondary institution;

* Pursued a program or a field related to the offered employment;  and

* File an OPNP application during their last trimester in a college or university in Ontario  not later than two years after finishing their studies.

Employers may hire international students who are currently residing in or out of Canada after completing their studies from an eligible post-secondary institution in a field related to any of the 20 eligible occupations.   

Multinational Investor Category

Applications under this OPNP category must begin with an eligible employer gaining approval for jobs they need to fill through the Ontario PNP. The difference is, this category is dedicated to nominations of key personnel to be employed by major investors in Ontario.  Ontario employers applying under this category also need to undergo an OPNP evaluation known as the  Multinational Investor Pre-screening test.

Multinational Investor Eligibility

There are two conditions for nominating an employee under this category. One, the employer/investor must invest a minimum of CND $10 million in Ontario;  and two, the project must generate a minimum of 25 full-time, permanent jobs.