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Super Visa Helps Parents and Grandparents Come to Canada
Canada is experiencing an unprecedented high in terms of the number of immigration applications it has been receiving lately. With sustained efforts to encourage even more qualified individuals to move to the country, the numbers are expected to increase even more. Current records show that 20% of the Canadian population, or at least one out of five residents, is born outside of Canada.

It is not surprising how family-driven immigration programs have become phenomenally successful, considering the great number of foreign-born residents in the country today. It only shows that immigrants are happy to have moved, and are, in fact, happier to have their loved ones move in with them in this country. 

Although permanent residents and citizens can still bring their husbands and wives, common-law partners or spouses, and children to Canada through family class sponsorships, a moratorium has been issued on applications for parents and grandparents.

This is to make way for a new program dubbed the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, a program that is specially dedicated to the speedy processing of long-term visiting applications for grandparents and parents of permanent residents and citizens. The new program has been in effect since December 2011 and has led to the issuance of at least 3,500 visas within its first six months of effectivity. 

Defining the Super Visa

The Super Visa program is an option for parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens, where visa holders will be allowed to stay as a visitor for a longer time in the country as opposed to what a regular visitor visa allows. 

This new visa may well be considered an alternative for individuals who wish to visit their children or grandchildren in Canada up to two years each time with no requirement for renewals. After two years, the Super Visa may then be renewed for a maximum of 10 years, including multiple entries within the period. 

Processing time for this visa is relatively short, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, whose target is to release results within two months from receiving an application. With an approval rate of 83%, applicants generally have a good chance of being issues a Super Visa. 

Who Benefits from the Super Visa?

The Super Visa is designed for any foreign grandparent or parent of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen. It is especially favorable for those who are citizens of countries where a TRV or Temporary Resident Visa is required to enter Canada. With the Super Visa, these people can travel from Canada to their home countries and back without having to renew a TRV each time.
On the other hand, TRV-exempt countries like the UK and US will also be benefitted, with their nationals simply having to secure an official letter from the Canadian government to authorize their continuous stay in the country within periods of two years each time.

Applying for a Super Visa

The process for acquiring a Super Visa is very simple and straightforward. Needed forms and documents will be similar to what TRV applicants submit, but with a few additions that are meant to show proof of support for the applicant while staying in Canada. Such additions include an invitation letter from the child or grandchild living in Canada, documents demonstrating that the grandchild or child meets the low cut-off minimum, evidence of genial relationship between the child or grandchild and the Canadian resident or citizen, and finally, proof of Canadian company-issued health insurance that provides cover for the applicant for a minimum of one year. Medical insurance for all visitors in Canada are not entitled to Canadian healthcare benefits, and thus, need private insurance for their medical security while in the country.

The Popularity of the Super Visa

The Super Visa’s undeniable benefits which are not available with other Canadian visa types has led to its immense popularity. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says the success of the program is a clear indication of Canada's family reunification objectives. Kenney adds, he is happy that the program has been well received by qualified parents and grandparents who are only all too happy to be able to spend more time with family members in Canada.
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