More Opportunities In Manitoba For Would-be Foreign Workers And Skilled Immigrants

Manitoba’s ever strengthening economy, affordable cost of living, high employment rate and desirable quality of life are four of the main reasons economic immigrants are finding their way this side of Canada.

“Friendly Manitoba” is a program of the provincial government seeking experienced and educated workers who have employment-ready English skills. With the shortage of skilled workers in the province, this program has been a top immigrant drawer ever since it was implemented.

Within seven years from now, it is predicted that more than 250,000 employment opportunities will be opened to job seekers. This is in answer to the provincial government’s economic expansion program, which is expected to create around 93,000 job openings, and the retirement of the aging workforce, where some 161,000 positions will be vacated.

The consistent growth of the provincial economy is dependent on immigrants who came to Canada as permanent residents. Coming from such countries as Denmark, the Philippines, the US and UK, these people have strong cultural bonds with Manitoba where waves of immigrants have successfully built their own cultural communities.

Every year, over 15,000 immigrants come to the province, and some 855 of provincial nominees are able to find employment within three months after they arrive.

There are tools that potential applicants can use to determine whether or not they are qualified for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers (MPNP). Criteria for the program the criteria include employability and adaptability attributes which have allowed earlier immigrants to successfully establish themselves socially and financially in the province:

Skills and experience – Individuals of working age, with recent education, training or experience and adaptability traits that meet the competitive requirements

Connections to Manitoba – Individuals who have strong ties to Manitoba in the form of a job, employment or academic experience, relatives and friends and a sincere intention to settle and establish a career and/or family in the province

Proactivity – Individuals who use the MPNP Pre-arrival Workbook as preparation for a job in Manitoba
Employment-ready English – Individuals who have English language skills that are enough for them to function effectively at work, regardless of the nature of their occupation

Other options for potential immigrants

Those who do not qualify for Manitoba’s provincial nominee program can consider other options, such as applying directly to the Government of Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada, through its website, offers information on various programs people can explore when planning to migrate to the country, such as family sponsorships, work permits, etc.

The province also offers programs that assist people who want to relocate to Manitoba to pursue their studies or establish a business through the MPNP for Business stream.

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  2. can a nigerian from africa apply as well cause i did not see any african country listed above

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