Federal Skilled Worker Program To Be Revived On May 2013

The new rules for selection under the Federal Skilled Worker Program will take effect beginning May 4, 2013, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). By this time, CIC will be taking in applications for evaluation. Aside from that, further details on the program have also been announced, making the picture a whole lot clearer for those who want to know what the Canadian immigration process will be like next year.

Brief Background

Since middle of 2012, the Skilled Worker category has ceased to stop applications to make way for improvements. According to CIC, the following changes will be applied:

● Implementation of a required minimum language proficiency level and increased weight for language issues, making it the most important criterion in the selection process;

● Preference for younger applicants who are expected to be more likely to gain valuable experience in Canada, adapt to varying conditions of the Canadian labor market and contribute to the country’s economy for a longer time;

● Awarding of education points to foreign credentials as compared with the Canadian educational system through the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA);

● Extradited arranged employment process where employers can hire people as quickly as possible if there is proof of shortage in the Canadian labor market; and

● More weight given to language ability and Canadian work experience of spouse.

These modifications are in line with CIC’s objective of making the immigration process more efficient, where people are able to immigrate faster and under more flexible terms.

According to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the government’s most important goal is still to generate jobs and pave the way for growth and sustainable prosperity. The new program is expected to ensure immigrants are hired according to what the Canadian economy really needs and thus have a greater chance of succeeding in Canada.

More Important Announcements

Aside from the program’s reopening on May 4, 2013, CIC is also making three more important announcements:

1) On 2013, the government will release a list of organizations that will authenticate and evaluate foreign education credentials of immigration applicants.

2) There will be a limit on the number of applications under the FSWP Skilled Worker category to be accepted for review every year (the exact number is yet to be announced.)

3) New FSWP applications can be processed within months and will no longer take a year or more as before.

These announcements are surely welcome for those who envision themselves as Canadian immigrants and even citizens. With CIC’s recent steps, the government is also likely to meet its objectives of having a more transparent and efficient system that will bring to Canada the immigrants that it needs the most.

Living the Canadian Dream

People who want to apply as Canadian immigrant will now have a specific timeframe that can guide them when they want to prepare their applications in advance. Of course, the earlier the preparation, the greater the chance that the applications are received by the CIC before quotas are filled.

In July 2012, the program was put to a temporary stop, and applicants have been waiting for it to reopen. Quotas are usually filled quickly, leaving prospective applicants no choice but to wait another year before they can acquire Permanent Resident status. Those who are keen on moving to Canada through the FSWP should thus be proactive with their plans in order to be considered for the program’s May 4 reopening.

Upon submitting their forms and other requirements, applicants can expect processing time to be the shortest in the program’s history. Successful applicants will arrive in Canada prepared for employment, blend with their local communities and feel comfortable moving into their new home.

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