More Federal Skilled Worker To Be Welcomed In Canada For 2012

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is aiming to increase the intake for Federal Skilled Worker starting in 2012, this was announced by the Federal Government as of recently.

Already, in 2011 – the numbers of approved application for the said immigration program was 47,000. For the coming year, the Immigration Department is planning to boost this numbers between 55,000 up to 57,000 more.

The Federal Skilled Worker program still remains as a major route to permanent residency in Canada for those highly skilled applicants. And the Canadian government have every reason to keep it that way.

For one, the economy of Canada is the main beneficiary of this class of immigration because majority of the applicants in this program are highly educated men and women all over the world who have turn their sights to Canada as their new home.

The importance of letting this new breed of immigrants’ continous move to Canada cannot be denied owing to the fact that immigration is the best solution to Canada’s future labor needs. None other than Minister Kenney acknowledged that the labor market of Canada is directly tied to more immigration of skilled and young people in order to keep Canada’s economy competitive internationally.

He wants the skilled and the best educated individuals to come to Canada. “We are committed to facilitating the arrival of the best and the brightest to our country.” according to the Minister.

Canada’s population, without doubt, is ageing. And the country’s birth rate will not be able to keep up with the labor needs of the market in the coming decades to keep Canada’s economy competitive. Only by allowing more immigration by young and work-ready people will keep the economy grow at a rate that will stay at pace with other Western countries.

In an extensive study done by the Immigration Department back in 2010, they found that this group of immigrants’ are working very well for both the employers in Canada as well as the FSW themselves. They adapt very smoothly to working conditions in Canada.

The study showed that 89% of them were either employed or have become self-employed within 3 years of landing in Canada. Moreover, employers have only high regard to this section of immigrants – acknowledging in a survey that 95% of the employers are satisfied that Foreign Skilled Workers are meeting or exceeding their expectations.

According to Minister Kenney, “Following nationwide consultations this past spring on proposals to improve the Foreign Skilled Worker program, we are actively exploring policy options on the way forward.”

The goal of Citizenship and Immigration Canada is to Build a Stronger Canada. To strengthen Canada economically, culturally and socially and to help ensure each citizens safety and security. So, with that purpose in their agenda, expect more immigrants coming in and a more culturally diverse Canada.

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  1. graduate of economics 2005,chartered Economist 2007,member inst.of strategic magt 2007 member Admint. staff college of Nig *Ascon*2010.member QHSE safety oficer for hospijal magt board,delta state as Administrator from 2005 til date.i wish to as *Administrator* in ur federal level.thank you

  2. Am Israel by name from Nigeria. I have SSCE certificate at hand and learn a vocational job too(Bricklayer) I also know about farming work too. I wish to live and work in canada to use my little knowledge to promote canadian economy. Please do I stand a chance? If I do please kindly tell what and what to do. Thanks

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