New Live In Caregiver Fears Bad Rumours

by Atty. Henry Moyal

This article is being devoted to live in caregivers because during the last month, there has been a flurry of inquiries from employers who have been refused labour market opinions and also a steady stream of worried caregivers who fear that they will not be able to obtain permanent residence after two years.

Change in Job Recruitment Efforts

In the past it was almost automatic for a Canadian employer to receive a job offer validation from HRSDC to employ a local or foreign based live in caregiver.

The reasoning was that it was unlikely that a Canadian employer would be able to find a local worker to do the job of a live in caregiver, hence efforts to recruit were minimal.

Effective immediately, however, Canadian employers now must advertise on the Service Canada’s Job Bank for at least two weeks plus must demonstrate other recruitment efforts in order to be approved.

While the process seems simple, in my opinion it leads to a privacy concern as anyone can now see who is hiring and for what position.

Change in Renewal of Work Permit

In the past it was relatively simple to “switch employers” while a person was under the live in caregiver program. No advertising was required.

Effective immediately, live in caregivers who wish to switch employers must apply for a work permit and the work permit must be accompanied by a labour market opinion issued by Service Canada to the new employer.

It should be noted that the new employer must now advertise on the Job Bank for two weeks regardless of whether the caregiver is already in Canada or not.

Bad Rumour Over Permanent Resident Application

There is bad rumour that is spreading like wildfire stating that live in caregivers are no longer eligible to  apply for permanent residence after two years.

In other words, the live in caregivers can work and obtain work permits but cannot automatically obtain permanent residence after working 24 months.

In fact, this is a bad rumour and not true. There have been no changes to the live in caregiverpermanent resident application process.

Caregivers who work for 24 months within the first 36 months of arrival are still eligible to apply for permanent residence.

Atty. Henry Moyal is a certified and licensed immigration lawyer in Toronto. The article above is general advice only is not intended as legal document. Send your inquiries to his office phone 416-733-3193.

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11 thoughts on “New Live In Caregiver Fears Bad Rumours

  1. the new LCP have advantage and disavantage especially you can apply permanent resident if you finish the 12months full time caregiver instead of 24months full time caregiver.But the canadian they are not rich to spend there money to hire a foreign worker outside in canada they are not willing to shoulder all the expenses the round trip ticket,health benifits of the worker. but i’m hoping that the canadian government they accept the processing of within 12months the caregiver they can apply their permanent residents because every filipino they want a better life for their family in the philippines.

  2. Hi!I’m a contract worker in AB right now and wants to change my status as a live in caregiver.I have the experience and 6 mos certificate requirement and I had been offered by a family to become their nanny.But I heard a rumor that if i apply under a live-in-caregiver program here in Canada I won’t be eligible under the program to become permanent resident in the future because I did not apply from my home country which is in the Philippines and I should only be working as a contract worker w/ a visa stating that I will not be eligible for permanent resident.Please tell me how true it is.Thank you so much!

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