Provinces To Receive Extra Nomination Slots Under The New Express Entry System

While the introduction of the new Express Entry System in Canada might initially seem like an attempt to limit the number of immigrants getting into the country, the new system actually improves the immigration process in order to ensure that the most qualified applicants will be processed the soonest time possible.

One of the benefits offered by the new system is the addition of slots to already existing programs, one of which is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) by the different provinces.

It has already been announced that Saskatchewan will receive an additional 775 nominee slots under the Express Entry.

According to the most recent announcement, Manitoba will also be receiving additional slots, 500 in all, to be added to the existing slots in its nominee program.

Right now, the province has 5000 slots for its PNP. This will soon become 5500 once the Express Entry is in place. This is good news for the province since a large percentage of its immigrants, approximately 75%, comes from its nominee program.

Another benefit would be the expedited processing being aimed at under the Express Entry, which is 6 months. Under the usual PNP, processing can take about 2 years. Now, with the new system in place, there will be faster turnaround and applications will be approved faster.

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