It’s Easier To Be Accepted For The Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program Than In The Federal Skilled Worker Program

It is faster and easier to qualify in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) than in the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) if you’re planning to immigrate to Canada.

They are two of Canada’s most in-demand economic immigration programs today for so many aspiring immigrants.

In a previous newscast, the government announced the changes it has made to the FSW.

To achieve their immigration goals, applicants must ensure they are applying under the program most suited to their educational and professional background.

To make the choice between FSW and QSW easier, here is a brief comparison of the two programs:

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec Skilled Worker program is currently open for applications, where average processing time is pegged at 24 months. The length of the waiting period actually varies from one country of application to another. Upon approval by immigration officers, an applicant will be granted a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

Key Facts About the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) Application Process

QSW is a program where applicants are selected based on the number of points they receive using certain set parameters. To be eligible, a single individual should earn 49 points while a family or couple must have 57 points.

There is presently no intake quota under the program, which means there is no limit to how many applications will be accepted. Applicants must possess a diploma or degree any of the defined areas of training or fields of study.

While not required in theory, a particular level of French proficiency usually helps in gaining additional points. There are two steps through the process – acquisition of a Quebec Selection Certificate and Federal review of the application that focuses on security and health related issues.

Those who have skills and experience in a QSW-targeted program and those who want to live in Canada, settle initially Quebec, know or are interested to know French and work in a competitive labor market are best suited to this program.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker program has been for applicants who have arranged employment with a Canada-based employer or students currently enrolled in PhD courses in Canada. Processing time under new FSW regulations, which take effect beginning January 13, is unknown. Approval of an application grants an individual a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

Key Facts About the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Application Process

Those who apply under the FSW will be screened based on a points system, where no lower than 67 out of 100 points will be required. All applications are to be forwarded directly to a Central Intake Office located in Canada.

There is no final word as yet on whether or not there will be an intake quota, or a maximum number of applications that will be entertained. Under the previous FSW rules, however, this quota is set at 10,000 applicants. To be eligible, an applicant must have at least one year of experience in a skilled occupation within the last 10 years, and pass a minimum French or English language threshold.

The FSW is perfect for individuals who intend to live permanently in Canada and initially settle outside of Quebec, prepare their application prior to January 2013 and work in a skilled occupation not found on the QSW list.

Many modifications were applied to various aspects of FSW, meaning, those who will be taken into Canada through this program must come prepared for a new job and a new chapter of their lives. The probability of a cap being applied on the intake of FSW applicants is high, so it is best to start building an application early on in time for submission in January 2013 when the program begins.

Whether submitted under the FSW or the QSW program, a successful application will result in the granting of a Permanent Resident status to applicants. In any case, it is best to choose with care when faced with different paths to take en route to Canadian residency.

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