Q and A: What Are The Conditions When Sponsoring A Spouse?

Question: I have been working in Canada as a Permanent Resident for more than a year now, and I have been planning to sponsor my wife so that she can come and live with me here.

However, the company I’m working for just closed a month ago. I received an unemployment package and have some money with me. Can I still pursue my plan to sponsor my wife?

Answer: There is actually no income requirement when sponsoring a spouse – your unemployment will not affect any application you submit. The conditions involved in this kind of agreement are below:

1. The sponsor will be financially responsible for the person he/she sponsored for the first three years after the latter becomes a permanent resident.

2. In case the two of you come to Canada as husband and wife and decide to separate after a while, neither of you can sponsor a new spouse within five years after receiving your permanent residency.

3. If you and your spouse or partner have only been together for two years and don’t have kids during the sponsorship, you’ll be subject to Canada’s two-year legitimate relationship regulation. This means the two of you should live together in a ‘legitimate relationship’ for two years. Otherwise, the permanent residency status of the sponsored person might be revoked. Exception: those suffering from domestic abuse, violence, or neglect

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