Requirements To Sponsor Daughter And Other Immediate Family To Canada

Question: I filed a sponsorship application for my wife, but I got a refusal from Immigration Canada. Not giving up, I appealed my case and eventually won. Now I just learned that my daughter, who is still a dependent, had a child out of wedlock. Can I also file to sponsor in the family class program my daughter and her child?

Answer: You can sponsor your daughter if she is single at the time of your application, even if she has a child. You can also sponsor her child, but one issue you must take care of is meeting the income requirements based on your family’s size. You must be able to prove that you can support both your daughter’s and your grandchild’s needs while they live with you in Canada. Otherwise, your application will be refused and you could be gearing up for another appeal.

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4 thoughts on “Requirements To Sponsor Daughter And Other Immediate Family To Canada

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  4. hi im a single mom with two kids.i never been married and im single in all my question is:do i have any problem if im going to apply for my kids residency?my kids are using their fathers surname which is also appears on their birth certificate.what should i prepare if im going to apply for my PR?

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