Slow Processing Of Canada Work Permit At The Canadian Embassy In Manila

Many Canadians are in dire need of Filipino workers and many Filipino workers are also very eager to work in Canada because of better pay, good working conditions and other benefits. But the real problem is, processing of their Canadian work permits in the Canadian Immigration Office in Manila is utterly slow.

The present situation is, only 5% or 1 for every 20 applications for work permit gets to be processed in 28 days. This is significantly low as compared with the average number of work permits processed in all the visa offices throughout the world (Manila office included) which is 72% in a span of 28 days also.

Canadian visa offices in Europe and in America (North and South) are relatively far more efficient with 86% and 83% of work permit applications processed in 28 days respectively.

Canada needs Filipino nurses, engineers, chefs, caregivers, restaurant workers, construction workers and many other job categories. But processing a typical Canada work permit application in Manila visa office takes about two months and even up to 1 1/2 years for caregivers.

This is not acceptable to most Canadian employers because they prefer that their needs for such workers or employees be filled as soon as possible. They are willing to wait for a few weeks but businesses and employers cannot afford to wait for their employees to arrive in two months. What more if its over 2 months or worst, one and a half years?

No wonder some Canadian employers now prefer Filipino workers who are already in the US, UK, Australia, Japan and other nations – as long as they are outside the Philippines.


This is because Canadian visa offices in these countries are more efficient in processing work permit applications.

Eighty two (82%) to 90% of work permits are processed in a period of 28 days in US, Australia and Japan. Hong Kong, though, is not any better. The Canadian Consulate Visa Office in Hong Kong is only a bit efficient than their Manila counterpart.

Filipino workers are preferred by Canadian employers – that’s a fact, because they are proven to be very skilled and productive – traits that contribute business growth in Canada. Filipino workers not only contribute to the development of the Canadian economy and business, they are also the force which drives the Philippine economy in times of financial shortcomings in that country.

That’s why the Philippine government should have a dialogue with the Canadian Embassy to find a way to lessen the time involved in acquiring a Canada work permit from Manila. Otherwise, Canadian employers might look for other nationalities for their worker needs – which is already happening in some industries.

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